Laura Wagner – before and after.

If you look at that photo of me taken more than six years ago, you would not recognize me as I am today. Right?

It was a time when I was going through the motions of life and, more often than not, struggling with self-defeating thoughts about my body, my career path, and whether I was really showing up in the world as the woman I wanted to be.

I did all of the stuff I was “supposed” to do — I had a loving husband, two beautiful kids, a house, a few friends, a job, and an outstanding education.

Yet, I remember and immediately dissecting my body, my face, and my posture. I was too worn out to feel angry, so I sank into frustration, and most of all, sadness.

I couldn’t see the beauty — I just saw tired eyes, a too-subtle smile, and me hiding my 38 year old body in boxy clothes. I saw woman dying to climb out from behind those extra pounds I was carrying on my frame.

That was not who I wanted to be or how I wanted to see myself. And it certainly wasn’t the woman I envisioned I’d be when I’d graduated with those friends 25 years ago.

I asked myself — would my 13 year old self — the girl full of dreams about a life filled with adventure, friendship, true love, freedom, babies, travel and glamour — recognize herself in me at 38 — almost 39 — years old?

When I got quiet with myself and let my mind mesh with my heart, I heard the answer: “No. And how do you want to change this, Laura?”

“I felt stuck because I didn’t fully believe I could create the life I wanted. It was time to let go of the past making me who I am. The biggest shift came when Laura asked me this: “Do you want that to define who you are?” That was a major turning point for me; I decided I didn’t want to be a victim in my own life.”

Paige, Louisville, KY

And on the cusp of my 40th birthday,
I got aligned within myself in a way I never had before and decided that my life was going to be different.

I started reading and studying about how to shift my mindset and take care of my body in a different way that didn’t involve my “secret” memberships to Weight Watchers or SlimFast shakes all day, and then half a pizza for dinner … along with a couple of cupcakes.

I started seeking out coaches who worked with women in revolutionary ways to transform their bodies and their lives.

The coaching process inspired me to embark on a personal revolution fueled love and compassion for myself, eating for energy and with joy, and a courtship with physical fitness that took me from shrinking in the back corner of a Zumba class to standing at the front of the room as a certified instructor with a headset on, and my sassy and loving voice passionately instructing a room full of women to move. And be moved.

What I know now is that I was in the process of 
not just changing my life, but saving my life.

It was that remarkable.

Once I popped that cork on the champagne of personal transformation (smile), there was no stopping me. Things felt slow to me at first, but I learned patience and dedication for myself.

And then shit got really revved up.

People saw the astonishing evolution of my entire being — the body and shedding of weight, the confidence in my words and actions, the bravery to forge my unique career, the joy and lust for life, and the unique culture of my beautiful little family.

I got really clear on how I was going to envision my life and what thoughts, feelings and actions would match it, and I never looked back.

And the “me” that emerged? A passionate, empowered, confident, joyful, resilient, adventurous and free woman.

I became and will remain unstoppable.

That’s the power of life coaching, people.

Laura Wagner then and now.

“I watched and listened to Laura over the years as she transformed her life into one of truly creative living. She lives the life she wants to and is always working at it. I wanted to do the same.

At the time, I felt unworthy and I didn’t trust myself. I sometimes felt the people around me didn’t value my opinion, but Laura did.

All it takes is one person gunning for you, one person in your corner hoping you live life boldly.  And for me, Laura was that person, — my own personal cheerleader. I always feel that I am her equal — that she’s another woman who genuinely wanted me to succeed. And that’s magical.”

Gina, Louisville, KY

Once my coach and I took out the trash on my mindset and designed the thoughts and actions that would fuel my transformation, my life was never the same. Praise Jesus, amen, and pass the biscuits.

I was a practicing psychotherapist at that time (I’ve still got that shiny LMFT license I proudly earned five years ago), and coaching was a way of working on personal development that, for me, swung for the fences in a way that therapy didn’t always do.

That personal experience with a coach led me to seek out additional training with the best-of-the-best in my field. I personally trained with and was certified by Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School.

Brooke was the right match of ladyballs and brilliance that I needed to catapult me into the next level of my career.

I closed up the therapy “shop” in January of 2015, and in a little over two years time, I have built an exciting and lucrative coaching practice with 1:1 clients from all over the world, online coaching programs that change lives by the 10s and 100s, and live events that connect women through an opulent and life-altering coaching + dining experience.

I’ve been hired to go abroad and combine my coaching magic of teaching fitness classes to groups of women and simultaneously coach them on how moving their bodies is a direct portal into changing and amplifying every area of their lives.

What I thought was “wrong” with me, my life, and my
body is my great success story.
It’s the story of my
one true love, actually. And that love story was about
meeting me and the woman I wanted to be.

My clients are almost exclusively female (although I have worked with a few men and welcome them if it’s a good fit).

They are different ages and backgrounds — they can’t be categorized as a “certain type” except that they all want these things:

  • They want more out of their life than what’s happening now.
  • They are ready for a new way to work on themselves that goes beyond what they may have experienced in traditional therapy or a shelf full of self-help (or diet) books.
  • They are ready to dig deep in order to go higher. They want excellence, beauty, joy, courage and confidence — and not a just a taste of it — they are ready to go big.
  • They understand that the way into this expansive, brave, and moving life that they want is by taking the reins themselves. Personal responsibility is the way, the truth, and the light and they are committed to creating their happiness and not leaving it in the hands of another person, job, or a crappy diet or exercise regimen.

So are you ready to get moving and be moved by your own wild and precious life? Want to see how the love and respect you have for yourself and your body is the key to unlocking your personal revolution?

Let’s start by hanging out together in my virtual “homes” — I think of Facebook as my “living room” for my community where I share inspiration, motivation, education and just plain fun stuff from my life and my work.

“Working with Laura, learning from her and observing how she lives her life (she is all in y’all), brought about the gentlest of shifts to my thinking. And with that, I released about 15 lbs, but more than the weight loss, I lost that internal voice that was always telling me “not you.” Today, I ask, “how can I make this happen?” For that, I’m forever grateful.”


You can also come into my personal “art gallery” that is my Instagram page. I love the visual stories of our lives and I’m sharing those on IG all of the time.

No matter what, though, my greatest desire is for women to do something. Be proactive about your happiness.

Read, see, do, or act in a way that lets you tap into the magnificence of being alive. Do one small thing every day that touches the flame of what’s possible for you. I did, and I kept going and going and going.

I moved and I am wildly moved by this gorgeous life
that I have created with my body, mind, and soul.

Credentials, Licenses & Certifications

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Commonwealth of Kentucky

Certified Life Coach, The Life Coach School, founded by master certified life coach, Brooke Castillo

Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Athletics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA)

Featured expert in local print and television media, as well as online publications on areas of lifestyle, personal development, parenthood, weight loss, fitness, and relationships.