About Laura

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me, my work, and most importantly, how I might be able to help you.

My life’s work is to help women who struggle with feeling beautiful in their bodies learn exactly what they need to do to heal and change that relationship they have with themselves.

If any of the following resonates with you, then we’ve got some work to do:

  • “I can’t stand my ______________ (fill in the blank: thighs, arms, ass, stomach, face).”
  •  “I know all of the things I’m supposed to do to lose weight, but I constantly sabotage myself. It’s hopeless.” 
  • “I’ve never really “loved” my body — maybe I’ve tolerated it, at best.”
  • “My age / family history / some other reason has set me up so that it’s impossible for me to lose weight, be healthy and fit.”
  • “That extra 10 / 15 / 20 lbs. just haunts me and stays with me no matter what I do.”
  • “If I could just get my weight / eating under control, I would be so much happier.”

I understand. And I don’t just understand from a professional / practitioner standpoint; for me; it’s also personal.

Five years ago, I was steeped in about 1/2 the thoughts from that list. I was getting ready to turn 40 years old and I was a little over 35 lbs. above my natural weight. I was tired, relentlessly hard on myself, stressed out and searching for answers I thought I’d never find.

before and after Healthy Hometown

My life changed when I offered myself the loving opportunity of working with my own coach around weight loss.

Almost seven months later, I’d not only released that weight from my body, but I was well on the road to becoming the woman I really wanted to be in my life. I started showing up for life in a way I’d thought I’d left behind in my much younger self — and it’s better than I ever imagined.

When you work with me, we’ll go through the same exact process I worked through to lose weight and develop a deeply loving relationship with my body.

In fact, you’ll get even more than that, because I’ve combined what I learned in my own personal process with all of my professional training and knowledge for a unique and effective coaching experience.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist, a certified life coach and group fitness instructor. I know a lot about the mind, the body, the power of movement and how it’s all interconnected.

I’m also a woman who walks her talk every single day. My combined professional and personal experience allow me to nurture and empower a woman to know and love herself — mind, body and spirit. It’s a powerful relationship and you won’t leave it unchanged.

When this transformation happens, I believe that a woman not only comes alive and thrives in her body, but begins living the life she’s always dreamed of instead of always stopping herself with:

  • “Someday…”
  • “When I finally get it together…”
  • “When my kids don’t need me so much, I’ll …
  • “If my job didn’t rule my life, then…”

This woman will become force of nature whose inspired action and energy will impact everyone she connects with in her life for the greater good.

This is what I believe: When we women take exquisite care of our minds and bodies by making simple but fierce choices every single day, our threshold for genuine happiness expands.

We not only heal and support ourselves, but we can heal and change the world; whether that’s in our own families, our local communities or on a much bigger level. That is true empowerment. 

If you’re ready to find out how I can help you begin to live your life with that kind of intention, authenticity and joy, reach out to me via the form below, email me at laura@laura-wagner.com or call 502.851.4447. I will connect with you soon after so we can get started.