Boss University – Life Coach Training with Laura Wagner & Susan Hyatt


It was autumn in Paris. Susan and I landed back at our apartment after a day in the city.

She opened the windows overlooking the city streets, and made us two strong cups of tea. We sat down on a floral print couch with our laptops, notebooks, pens, spoons, and a big jar of honey. And then we started talking about our lives and our work.

And you know… when two women get together in the City of Love and Light and start talking “business,” something big is about to happen.


Paris, France ~ Autumn 2016


Several cups later, we were caffeinated, glowing with excitement, and nearly crying.

Because we came up with an idea that we knew just NEEDED to happen. An idea that would change women’s lives and create a ripple effect of empowerment. An idea that has now become real. And it’s called…


Enrollment for BOSS UNIVERSITY (BU, for short) is officially open.

Susan and I are so thrilled to announce this project, which is probably the biggest, boldest thing that either one of us has ever created.

Here’s everything you need to know…


BOSS UNIVERSITY is a school where you’ll learn how to change people’s lives—and change the world—through the art of life coaching.

If you’re dreaming about becoming a certified coach, we’ve got a program for you. Dates for the 2018 Undergrad / Level 1 training are forthcoming.

If you’re already working as a coach, but you want to bring your coaching practice to the next level, we’ve got a program for you, too.

If you’re obsessed with personal growth and motivating people to reach their potential… if you’ve got entrepreneurial fire in your belly… and if you want to be part of a new wave of women who are doing business on their own terms, and who are earning more than their mothers and grandmothers ever dreamed possible, BU is for YOU.

MASTERS / LEVEL 2 COACH TRAINING: August 28 – September 2, 2017, in Louisville, Kentucky



As a professional life coach, your job is to:

– Help your clients identify what they truly want out of life.

– Help your clients charge after their goals with relentless determination.

– Help your clients shake away the negative beliefs (“I can’t…” “It’s not possible…”) that have pinned them down in the past.

– And ultimately, help your clients to reach their full potential, leave an impact on the world, and build a legacy they can be proud of.

As you study the art of life coaching, you also learn how to self-coach yourself. You get unstuck, you reshape your own life, and you rise higher—while empowering your clients to do the same.

There are so many things you can do with a coaching credential.

  • You can work with clients 1-on-1.
  • You can teach seminars.
  • You can design goal-setting programs for schools and companies.
  • You can speak onstage.
  • You can incorporate coaching into the work you already do as a therapist, teacher, nurse, doctor, fitness trainer, mediator, consultant, or pretty much any career that involves “helping people to achieve their goals and dreams.”

Coaching is a valuable, flexible credential that can be applied in so many ways. There’s no limit to what you can do.



We offer two training programs:


Level 1. Certified Coach (2018 dates are forthcoming)

If you’ve never studied coaching before, this option is for you.

– You’ll learn about the art and science of life coaching.

– You’ll develop your voice and signature style as a coach.

– You’ll learn how to describe your work and market your services.

– You’ll complete “practice hours” with actual clients, building confidence in your skills.

– By graduation day, you’ll be ready to officially open the doors to your new coaching practice. As part of the BOSS UNIVERSITY experience, we provide a photographer to do your professional headshots, and a tech assistant to set up a basic website for you. You’ll have everything you need to announce your coaching practice and start accepting client bookings. No stalling. Away you go!


Level 2. Certified Master Coach, August 28 – September 2, 2017

If you’re already a professional coach, this option is for you.

– You’ll learn how to create an even deeper impact on people’s lives, helping your clients to achieve extraordinary results.

– You’ll learn how to “troubleshoot” and work successfully with clients who are dealing with unusual, difficult, and highly sensitive issues.

– You’ll learn how to develop new revenue streams for your coaching practice, including leading online classes and group coaching programs, facilitating live events, partnering with brands that you love, and ongoing retainer / contract-based work.

– You’ll learn how to produce a podcast, lead a webinar, and do Facebook Live videos. We’ll show you several ways to share your message and market your services online. We’ll show you that none of this stuff is as complicated as you might think—but just in case you need some extra help, we pair you with a virtual assistant who can hold your hand and answer your techie questions.

– You’ll learn how to share your personal stories in a powerful way—in blog posts, onstage, everywhere you go. (No, you’re not boring. Yes, you’ve got important stories to tell. Yes, your story could change someone’s life, or help someone feel less alone.) We’ll show you how to captivate your audience and carry your message into people’s hearts.

You’ll bring your coaching practice to an entirely new level. More confidence in your skills. More impact on your clients’ lives. More income flowing into your bank account. Win-win for everyone.



Enrolling at BOSS UNIVERSITY is $10,000 USD.

You can pay in one installment, if you want, or you can make multiple payments over the course of 3-6 months.

Here’s what you get back for that investment:


When you enroll at BOSS UNIVERSITY, you get a week of face-to-face training at a spectacular rooftop penthouse in Louisville, Kentucky.

Graduate / Level 2 training happens August 28 – September 2, 2017, in Louisville, Kentucky. Enrollment is open, but spots are limited. 

Deluxe accommodation and meals are included. You’ll sleep in your own private guestroom at night, and you’ll have access to the onsite spa, fitness center, and art gallery. It’s an incredible facility with beauty and inspiration at every turn.


After the week-long training session in Louisville, you get 3 months of additional training in a small-group environment, with no more than 10 coaches per group.

This additional training happens in an online classroom, and includes videos that you can watch at home, weekly and monthly assignments, and feedback on your work as you go along.


In addition to in-person and online training, you also get a “2-on-1” business mentoring session with Susan and me.

You get two seasoned entrepreneurs—both on the phone with you at the same time—ready to dive into anything that’s on your mind. Pricing your services. Naming your signature program. Marketing dilemmas. Dealing with a problematic client. Whatever’s on your mind, bring it to this session. This is your VIP time.


We don’t just teach you how to be an amazing coach—we provide everything you need to set up a beautiful website, market yourself effectively, and create a stylish brand that your clients will love.

As part of the BU experience, you get a hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling session, followed by a photo shoot to provide you with fabulous new headshots for your website. You’re going to LOVE how you look and feel.

And… it gets better. We also pair you up with a tech assistant who can set up a basic Squarespace website for you (if you need one), and who can set up your email mailing list, show you how to lead webinars, and answer any techie / online marketing-related questions you might have.

You get 10 hours of time with your tech assistant when you enroll at BU. There’s no extra charge for this. It’s all included in your enrollment.


Not all “learning” takes place in a classroom. That’s a fact. At BOSS UNIVERSITY, we’re redefining what “higher education” can mean.

Yes, we’ll have some classroom time. Yes, there will be reading materials. But we also want to get you out of your chair, away from your computer screen, and into the world.

We’re taking you on a trip to the Muhammad Ali Museum. You’ll enjoy a special guest lecture from a powerhouse female politician. There’s dance classes and boxing lessons. All kinds of adventures to expand your vision of “what’s possible” in life and in business.

We’ll expose you to extraordinary people—and unique experiences—that motivate you to be your greatest, bravest self.


Let’s not forget the big cherry on top… once you graduate from BOSS UNIVERSITY, you’ll get an official framed diploma with your name and title—either “Certified Coach” or “Certified Master Coach,” depending on which program you’ve completed.

It’s time to print out some new business cards, update your LinkedIn profile, brag on Facebook, and tell all your friends, clients, and colleagues about your achievement. Get out there.


BU is the brainchild of Susan Hyatt and Laura Wagner, two women who are highly respected in the coaching industry. (And… who happen to be best friends.)

They’re self-made entrepreneurs. They’re moms. They’re intimately familiar with the challenges of balancing your “work” and your “legacy” and “everything else.” They live and breathe coaching—it’s their #1 passion. Here’s more…

SUSAN HYATT is a master certified life and business coach, a published author, and the creator of several trademarked products and coaching programs, including the BARE™ process and the BARE™ deck. She’s also a sought-after public speaker and media commentator who has appeared in O: The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Woman’s World, as well as local and national TV.

She’s a fervent supporter of women’s rights, and she’s deeply passionate about helping women start their own businesses and take ownership of their finances. Susan’s motto: “Being passive gets you nowhere. If you want to change your life, or shake up the status quo, you’ve got to be willing to make a scene.”

Susan has trained thousands of life coaches since 2008. From 2008-2010, she ran Dr. Martha beck’s Life Coach Training and Master Coach training programs, and remained an instructor for MBI until 2016. Susan has trained coaches on the art of how to coach, and how to make money as a coach.

LAURA WAGNER is a master life coach, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified group fitness instructor. She holds two masters degrees in counseling and psychotherapy and earned her coaching certification at The Life Coach School, founded by master coach, Brooke Castillo.

Laura teaches women how the power of movement and love for their bodies will revolutionize their lives. If you want to change your life and be moved by your everyday existence, you must connect with the precious vessel that carries you through every day — it always has and always will. That is your power. Everything else grows from there.  Laura is living proof that you don’t have to follow the “typical rules” of your industry—you can create a hybrid-career that’s custom-tailored to your talents. A Zumba class that feels like a therapeutic, personal empowerment discotheque? Yep. Give her an hour in a gym or on the phone and you’ll be ready to create your own personal revolution.

She’s been featured in national and international women’s magazines, as well as regularly featured in local media such as The Voice and on WHAS-11 Great Day Live! where she is tapped to offer her expertise on body image and bodacious living, healthy, thriving relationships, as well as goal setting / life visioning.

Laura’s motto: “Move and be moved by your life. No one else has that power but you. Stop shrinking to fit. Be bold — take up space and turn up the bass.”


There are several coach training programs out there. Many of them are excellent. So why choose BOSS UNIVERSITY?


Boring homework assignments? Tedious Powerpoint presentations? Uncomfortable chairs? Harsh fluorescent lights? Not at this university.

Attending BOSS UNIVERSITY is a deluxe, creative, elevated experience. We care about every single detail—from the ambiance in the training room, to the chef-prepared meals, to the aesthetic design of every worksheet.

We believe that people learn faster—and think more imaginatively and creatively—when they’re in a beautiful environment. “Education” and “pleasure” can, and should, co-exist.

At BOSS UNIVERSITY, we make sure you feel like you’re flying “first class,” the whole way. From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll know, “This isn’t like any other school I’ve seen before.”


The coaching industry in 2017 does not look like the coaching industry in 1999.

Old marketing gimmicks don’t work. Our world is changing, and clients’ needs are changing, too. We bring a fresh, contemporary approach to every training module at BOSS UNIVERSITY, preparing you for a successful career in today’s coaching marketplace.


Let’s be clear: we love men.

We’ve got husbands and sons, brothers and extraordinary male friends and colleagues. We also acknowledge that men have been running the world for far too long, holding the majority of the world’s wealth, land, and positions of power. We’re here to shake things up and create a pathway to equality. We’re a “feminist university” and proud of it. (If the word “feminist” bothers you, then please don’t enroll at BU.)

We’re creating the “new female economy”—women earning serious money, women running businesses according to their own rules, women occupying leadership roles, women disrupting old systems, and shattering glass ceilings.

Our highest hope is that BOSS UNIVERSITY graduates will become successful coaches—and also lifelong activists, philanthropists, and changemakers. We want BU grads to march, rally, raise millions for progressive causes, share their stories onstage, write essays and books, mentor young women and invest in their projects, maybe even run for office, and tilt history in a new direction.



August 28 – September 2, 2017


Pay in full

Payment plan

Got questions about any of this? Send them to us at

The university doors are OPEN… and we can’t wait to meet the “Class of ’17.”

To your legacy,

Professor Hyatt & Professor Wagner