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Lavish 9.23.2017 ~ MOVE into a luxurious evening of dinner, coaching & connection


When I bring women together, magic happens. I know that’s quite a claim for a dinner party, and I stand by it wholeheartedly.

Lavish is an evening I’ve created that’s inspirational, fun, soulful and glamorous. I have a “special sauce” within me where I can create an environment and facilitate an experience that lets women play and feel free, and then leave ready to take on the world … and do something about it.


When I offer women a unique, luxurious and spirited evening of connection, conversation and coaching paired with an exquisite meal, things like this happen:

  • a woman’s declaration and dedication that this year, she would find out what it would mean to follow her bliss now that she’s built a life and career to support herself beyond her girlhood dreams


  • another woman’s decision to say “yes” to herself by saying “no” a whole lot more to other people, requests and demands in her life


  • women who literally came to the table feeling “lost” or disconnected from the idea of who they are, and left with a personal mission to embrace the strength they already had — they didn’t have to go find it somewhere


  • women who stopped thinking about new creative and/or business endeavors and acted on them — business plans, websites, clients, #deposits : ) — the whole deal


  • these women set up new chapters in their lives — including moves to new cities, becoming the head of their own household after years of a completely different way of life, and falling in love (oh yeah!) with themselves and with other people who came into their lives)


The women I work with can own and feel proud of the lives they’ve created, but they also want to go beyond touching the flame of that “something more” feeling that rises up within them. They want to answer to that part of themselves that:

  • wants to have cherished relationships with others that are authentic, fun and meaningful
  • wants to believe that their greatest years — their greatest accomplishments and adventures haven’t passed them by — they can begin new chapters in life at any age
  • wants to be the woman who dares …
    • to travel the world
    • to wear that dress or that swimsuit with pride and love for herself and her body
    • to start a new business — a whole new career or a side hustle that lights her up so much she thinks she could make a living at it
    • to ask for what she wants — in her job, at a restaurant … in her bedroom


If you are a woman that is ready to let go of the limiting belief that you’ll show up for yourself and the things you dream about “when the time is right,” then this event is for you, and the women you will meet will be “your people.”

The time to answer to yourself and connect with beautiful people is always right — even when — especially when — life is extraordinarily “busy” or even feels like a shit storm.

And what’s defines your “busy?” I mean it. Are they all true commitments or a way of hiding or ignoring the things you might really want — like finding that quiet place inside of you to see if you’re really living in integrity with yourself?

The definition of what it means to “lavish” is to bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities, and I chose that word on purpose because it is the spirit of what I am offering you.

Each season of the year, I lavish women with beautiful food, a gorgeous environment, time for themselves, potential new friendships, inspiration, wisdom and delight.

::  WHEN: Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

::  WHERE: Wiltshire on Market, Louisville, KY

::   TIME: 6:30 p.m. for cocktails and greetings, followed by dinner at 7:00 p.m.

::    YOU ALSO GET: A private Facebook group just for your Lavish group so that you can stay connected, support one another and nurture those new relationships

::     AND! : A one-hour, 1:1 coaching session with me post-Lavish; we’ll work together on how you can live our your lavish life beyond our time together ($250 value) 

::     COST: $349

I’m a life coach and my mission is to teach women a process of looking at their lives holistically, making intentional, loving changes, and curating a life that feels like a living, breathing work of art.

That’s how magic happens. That’s how you create a life you’re excited to live.

I do this in my work with my 1:1 clients, with the women who participate in my group telecourse, Body of Work, and in special coaching events like this.

In this era of our lives, we don’t always have built-in structures for meeting new, like-minded women like going to recess, being in sororities or women’s clubs.

There aren’t as many places where women can find their way to one another without it being a networking event and having your professional or social game-face on.

When I see something like that missing in life? I don’t wait for something to happen. I do something about it. I am a creator.

And what I have created for you is an event where I will be at the helm, lovingly hosting you and taking care of your needs and doing what I do best: guiding women to tap into their true motivation and realize their deepest desires in life.

And you will come away from this evening feeling more connected with yourself and other incredible women.

I also don’t let my people walk away from my events without practical, can-do steps to take the soul of what they’ve just experienced and live it in their everyday lives.

I know something about making dreams come true, because I’ve done that in my own life, and I’ve guided other women to find their way, as well.



I’m showing up for you with the best tools I’ve got from all of my professional and personal experiences as a licensed psychotherapist, life coach, fitness professional and badass female who champions other women and lives it to give it. 


Everything is included in the price you pay to attend: your meal, your drinks, your dessert, the gorgeous atmosphere, my special surprises for each of you…

 And you get me. I’ll be waiting to welcome you with a servant’s heart and champagne flute in-hand. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about this event (and my answers). Is there something you want to know about that is not on this list? Email and I’ll get the information you need to you as soon as possible.

~ I’m not from Louisville and am coming to this event. Where should I stay?

There are plenty of great hotels in Louisville. There is a lot of activity downtown the evening of our dinner (a convention or two, likely), so if you’re looking at the hotels in that area, it’s pricier than usual.

I’d suggest you swing towards the airport (SDF) or the east end of Louisville (about a 15 minute drive (or less) to Wiltshire. I’ve also included some great bed and breakfasts / Air B&B options in the area you might want to check out. I’d suggest booking sooner rather than later in case the room inventory disappears:

~ I really want to come to this event, but I don’t think I’ll know anyone and don’t have anyone to bring with me. Will I feel weird or out of place?

Girl. These are reasons you SHOULD come — not stay at home and miss out on something that’s tugging at your heart. Be brave with you life and tap into your courage and adventures spirit. You have it within you if this event is on your mind. Over half of the women registered so far are flying solo — they are coming into this without knowing any of the other women. They are there to make new connections AND let other women see and know them.

~ If something happens and I cannot come, will I get a refund?

I do not give refunds for my events. There are practical reasons that have to do with planning, costs, labor, time, and space. I’m running a business and these are the realities of carrying out the way I do business. There are also the realities of your life. We all have things that can come up that offer us a choice to cancel our plans or find a way to show up for ourselves.

If I took into account every woman’s childcare issues, illnesses, stubborn spouses, work issues, etc., it would take away what I’m giving to the planning and facilitation of what I’m offering to the women who do show up, and I’m not going to do that.

I also find that when people say yes to an event like this, that it’s an out-of-the-box treasure that they are offering themselves — it’s not a continuing education class for earned hours  If something wildly unforeseen happens, I can offer you the option of giving your spot to another woman (someone you know, or you can let me offer it to someone in my community).