Laura Wagner

Where are you headed, beautiful? It really is possible.

I’ve spent almost a decade helping women move forward in their lives and make courageous choices to develop their physical and inner strength (and give diets and body shaming the middle finger), leave “job jail” careers that crush their spirits, enter (or exit) personal relationships in a way that’s true to their self-worth, and hundreds of other shape-shifting, loving and fierce life choices.

I invite you experience that for yourself by joining me for 1:1 life coaching, the Body of Work small group intensive coaching program, my Move And The Way Will Open online program, or the live and luxurious Lavish dining + coaching experience.

The work I do is deep, life-altering, and requires your presence and dedication. It’s also a ridiculous amount of fun and full of joy. You’re going to put some mental and physical muscle into it, for sure; and if you do, I promise it can be a personal revolution that will change you in ways you didn’t even know you wanted.

Let’s get moving.

Laura Wagner