MOVE AND THE WAY WILL OPEN – Working 1:1 With Laura (+ the bonus of the MOVE online group program)

2002 and Today

My work as a coach is to teach women how the power of movement and love for their bodies will revolutionize their lives.

This is my approach to making exercise a joyful part of your life and loving your body. 

AND, it’s not about diets, counting points or calories.

When we approach our lives and take care of our bodies from a place of pleasure and love, we release the weight we do not need — in many ways.



So, are you a woman who’s ready to make her MOVE?

Here are some questions I want you to consider: 

  • Do you get anxious or feeling like hiding when you’re confronted with any situation that means you’ll be exposing more of your body and dealing with that mental checklist you carry of its imperfections? Maybe it’s summertime and going to the pool or the beach. Maybe it’s an event you’re attending and you’re exhausted from trying on dress after dress and all you want to do is cover your arms / thighs / belly. 


  • Or maybe you’ve just stopped caring — and not in a way that feels freeing, but in the sense that you’d rather just hide out. You gave up a long time ago.


  • Wonder why it seems so easy for some women to exercise regularly and actually love it? Do you find yourself being critical of those women and making judgments like they have more time, access or money than you and they’re not “real women”? (we are real, honey — I promise you — and so are you)


  • Would you like to see yourself as a woman who moves her body and fuels it with healthy foods because she craves it and wants it — not because it’s a transaction that will help her lose weight and feel like she’s in body and food jail?


  • Or are you on the path of creating this for yourself and it’s time to amplify what you’re doing? Do you want more information, inspiration, motivation and tools to live the “orchid life” — standing taller, more confident, unencumbered by defeating thoughts and actions that don’t serve you any more.



  • Are you interested in more fun, hotter sex, adventures, stronger earning power, and goals you follow through on? Yup — #alllllthethings



  • Want to know for yourself what freedom means? Feeling free in your body — knowing what it can do, how it is FOR you and not against you, and having a high regard for it?


  • Are your for-real-ready to to shut the door on an era of your life that’s fueled with ignoring yourself, feeling frustrated with, or even loathing this precious vessel that carries you through each day, pumps blood through your body, keeps that gorgeous heart beating, and houses your magnificent brain.


You’ve come to the right place.


Most of us don’t stick with diet regimens or exercise gimmicks to shape, shove, and minimize ourselves into a number that we think is going to make us feel better or show up in the world more confidently.


We’ll say, “it just doesn’t work” or “it got boring” or “it was too expensive.”


And while we might look at that as failure or quitting on ourselves (yet) again, it’s really not. It’s actually an opportunity to come alive in a different way.


You’re not here to be boxed in by a rigid or boring eating regimen or to zip up your silhouette in the equivalent of a trash bag so that you shrink your body — and I think — part of your spirit, too.


Think about this:

If you freed up the time and energy that’s put into the restraint, deprivation, questioning of yourself and comparison to others, what would you do with your life?


How would you move through your life?


Are you willing to be moved in every way — and from the hands and heart of no one other than yourself?


If you are, I’ve created a coaching program that will inspire, educate and motivate you to do just that.

As a licensed psychotherapist, certified life coach and group fitness professional, I understand the psychology of women and movement — and it goes far beyond the physical aspect.

I’m not your gal if you want me to endorse a “cleanse” or “elimination” food plan. And I don’t believe in what I call “food jail” or deprivation.

What I am going to teach you is a permanent, sustainable and empowering lifestyle change.

This work is about you being worthy of your own attention.

It means you’re willing to be vulnerable and go inside yourself to find out the truth about what’s going on in your life that’s leading you to distract yourself with overeating, diets and what I call those “mean girl promises” you make to yourself to “get it together.”

I will be with you.

I trust this work and believe in it because it’s the exact process I worked through five years ago with my own coach when I lost almost 40 lbs. and changed my relationship with my body in a beautiful and exciting way.

This is a deep dive into who you are and who you want to be.

And if you’re all-in when we engage in this process? It works.

With my approach, you’re going to find out what it is you’re truly hungry for in your life in a way that goes far beyond fitting into skinny jeans.

  • Yes, if you are a woman who has “flipped a switch” in your mind where you are ready to step into being fiercely dedicated to taking care of yourself and finding out more about who you are and what you want in your life.


  • I’m a professional who brings all of my training and experience as a licensed psychotherapist, certified life coach and fitness / wellness professional to this work and I create a tailored experience for each client.


  • I can understand and evaluate your past stories and patterns and how they impact where you are now.


  • We’ll look at your here-and-now and design a plan for you to take inspired action to change your life.


  • I believe there is a significant connection between physical activity and its impact on the mind when a client is on a personal development journey.


  • I know firsthand that when you move your body on a purpose in a way that makes you happy, it will change your whole life.


  • You also get the care and expertise of me, a woman who has made massive changes in the way I live in my life over the past five years — and not just with the weight loss you see in the before-and-after photos above. I joyfully and passionately “live it to give it” when it comes to helping other women with their struggles.


This work is personal and intense, but it stems from a paradigm of respect, long-term change, growth and radical self-care.

What you will learn goes far beyond the time we spend together; this will impact your life, in the best way, for the rest of your life.

There are two options to choose from:

  • Six one-hour sessions + 1/2 off your membership in the January 2018 MOVE And The Way Will Open group program to move your body and amplify your life in the New Year ($199 value) for $849.

  • Make a $100 deposit now and choose: 

    • one payment of the $749 balance or

    • two monthly installments of $374.50

  • Three one-hour sessions + 1/2 off your membership in the January 2018 MOVE And The Way Will Open group program to move your body and amplify your life in the New Year ($199 value) for $449. 

  • Make a $50 dollar deposit now and choose:

    • one payment for the $439 balance or

    • two automatically billed payments of $219.50


Additionally, each package includes:

  • email support in between sessions to help you maximize your progress and goals

  • worksheets, articles, videos and other resources to amplify our work together

  • other surprises I like to offer (you never know what goodies will show up in your mailbox from me : )

Once you make your deposit, we will follow up with you within 24 – 48 hours to set up your payment plan and send you pre-work. Choose your option and make your deposit here: 

Three and Six Session Options