A vibrant and happy life starts by asking yourself better questions.

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Work With Me

I’ll give you the rundown on my qualifications, certifications and fascinations further down the page, but what you need to know now?

I want women to be and feel free … in the way you use your mind, inhabit your body, and express your spirit.

This is my mission because I believe that when a woman can heal and transform her relationship with herself, then this also heals and changes the world.

That transformation isn’t about becoming someone else; it’s about discovering who you’ve always been and how to live that to the fullest.

I do this through a special process I’ve designed called Body of Work. It involves looking at six specific areas of your life and making simple and significant changes where you will see an immediate difference in the way you live.

I have a breadth of professional and personal experience that fuels my work, and when you bring me into your life, we’ll embark on an adventure where I guide you with my unique approach to helping you transform your life. It’s moving, it’s fun, it’s revealing and it’s exhilarating.

Where and how I learned to deliver the goods:

  • two masters degrees in counseling and psychotherapy


  • coaching certification with a leader in the life coaching / personal development field


  • group fitness certification with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)



  • and, for me, the most important knowledge I bring to this process: I’m a woman who walks my talk. I lost over 35 lbs. almost five years ago and I’ve lovingly sustained that weight loss ever since. I’ve blossomed emotionally, physically and socially — I truly awakened to life in a way that I only let myself dream of years ago. I celebrate the beauty of it all: the glory, the mess, the ordinary and the extraordinary.


Let me offer this to you.

I can never say for sure exactly what will happen on our journey together in this work, but I promise you this — you will not walk away unchanged.

Your mind won’t undo what you experience and learn in our work together.

And that is such good news.


So what’s the process if you’re interested in working with me?

I offer two tracks of Body of Work in packages of two, three or six sessions.

  • One track is for a woman who wants to work on weight loss and body image as the primary focus. To learn more about Body of Work Weight Loss Coaching, click here.


  • The other track is for a woman who may not want to focus as much on her weight or her body, but wants to do work in other areas of her life and feels like my approach / guidance is just what she needs to help her make the changes she desires. Click here to learn more about the Body of Work Life Coaching experience.


Working together

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