5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Come To My Workshop


I could give you my usual soft push to tell you to come to my vision board workshop on Saturday, May 16th.

I can tell you more about what it is and what it isn’t.

The value and the possibilities that will open up for you when you consider seeing your health and your life in a new way.

There’s that special nudge I do so well that sends people into a reflective, “maybe I should go” place.

That’s not what this is, though.

What this is, is a call to the the person who’s seen my link pass through their newsfeed. And clicked it. And then x-ed out.

Saw it again. Intrigued … clicked it and thought, “maybe what’s she’s doing could show me a different way…” And x-ed out.

This will save you the task of having to click again when I show up in your Facebook feed. And you can close the cover on the latest issue of Today’s Woman magazine with my face and the workshop information inside the first page.

Here are the top five reasons why you shouldn’t sign up to attend and participate this weekend:

1. Your work is done. You don’t need to explore what it means to be healthier, stronger or more vibrant. Life is just what happens to you and everybody’s just got to deal with the lot handed to them.

We all hit a set point and muddle through — that’s just the way it is.

Yeah well, then I’m not your people and this probably won’t be your cup of tea.

Someone once told me that I live my life like a work of art. And that’s what I teach people to do — mind, body and spirit.

If you want to place a limit on yourself in any of those realms, I probably can’t help you. Don’t waste your time or money.

2. You don’t want to accept personal responsibility for your health and well-being. If your kids would just get older and you had more free time, then you’d take better care of yourself.

If your job didn’t suck and you didn’t cope with that by doing things like plowing through two rows of Double-Stuffed Oreos … and then kicking your own ass for that.

And then repeating the same vicious cycle over and over and over again; well then, maybe things would be better and you’d have time to hang out with some life coach and make kickass plans for yourself.

If you’re still waiting for your husband, your boss, your best friend, your kids, your job, your car or your food to give you the things and the experiences you want in your life — don’t come on Saturday.

The secret to the art of living? You do the work. You show yourself compassion. You make the choices. You build resilience. You cultivate patience and practice. No one is going to do it for you.

It’s an inside job and you’re the only one you can hire.

3. You’re not willing to envision and create something for yourself that makes you feel excited and happy to be alive. People who think like this are unrealistic and want to be happy all of the time. They aren’t strong — they live in dream world that’s all about wishes and hopes and not at all based in reality.

  • These people don’t do things like lose 90 lbs. with love, commitment and grace — and keep it off for two years and counting.
  • And they sure as hell don’t run marathons or text their life coaches with grateful tears when they can fit into every dress they’re trying on in a bridal salon.
  • Or get their dreams jobs that allow them to take better care of themselves — and give them the time to have a personal life where they meet the love of their life.

By the way, all of those people have been my clients in the past three years.

But if all of that sounds like bullshit to you, you can move along. Nothing to see here.

4. You don’t want anything to do with transforming your mindset, shifting your habits and changing your whole life for the better. Forever. You think it’s best to leave well-enough alone. Feeling more confident, energetic, powerful and exuberant about life just means getting your hopes up and getting disappointed. Again.

And what is there to learn anyway from a life coach who also earned two graduate degrees in counseling and therapy? And who teaches or participates in group fitness almost every day of her life?

What can a woman who healthily and happily lost and has kept off over 35 lbs. for four years teach you? And you get all her tools, guidance and expertise for three hours for a fraction of what it usually costs to work with her? Eye roll.

Still not worth it to you? Take your money and buy another diet book that will make you feel frustrated and like you’re living in food jail. The people who decide to sign up and join me have some real living to do.

5. You think this statement is false.









Also if you say things like, “health is overrated” or hold beliefs that people who take exceptional care of themselves are self-centered, vapid or have the wrong priorities?

Then I don’t need to see you and don’t want to take up your valuable time to explain the danger of those beliefs.

So there you go.

Want to prove me wrong?

Better yet, want to prove to yourself that you’re willing to put your money on you to improve your life?

Not on a time in the future when you’re less busy.

Not when you lose the first five pounds and feel worthy of moving forward.

Not when you have a more supportive spouse or partner.

Not in January 2016.


Then I’ll see you Saturday.


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