7 Favorite Things In April


Each month, I share a list of things, places, ideas, and gadgets that beautify my life in some way by making it more fun, easier, sexier, or efficient. Sometimes all of the above!

Here’s what’s up for April…

TC Intimates Wonderful Edge Lace Hipsters – Oh my goodness. For me, these are a revelation in undergarments! I like having a nice, smooth silhouette when I wear my clothes — no lines or bumps … and I don’t wear thong underwear. If you do, and they’re your thing, go for it — my booty and I personally can’t deal with those.

But I also don’t like to deal with repositioning the edge of my panties so they don’t crawl up my ass … I’m just sayin’.  

I was wandering through a local department store recently and did a quick browse-by in the Intimates section to see if there was anything I might want or need — and there these were.

They caught my eye first because they were pretty. I love practical, but I’ve got to have the pretty, too.

The lace nude and black hipster panties are great for everyday wear, and they feel and look pretty, for sure; but the BEST part is how they stay in place!

Near the edge of the seam, they have a silicone-like strip of edging that lines the part that cups your bum. The tag on the panties touted their “no tugging / pulling” promise because of this genius little addition to the garment.

I am a tough customer when it comes to this stuff — I haven’t tried them all when it comes to underwear, but I’ve spent lots of dollars on LOTS of panties with the same promise that just didn’t deliver for me personally.

I’m here to tell you: these work! I put them on the next morning for a full day of work, running errands, picking up kids and all of the other things in my active life.  

I seriously forgot I was wearing them. Not a single tug or grab of my backside when I was walking, sitting, standing, carrying and loading groceries or getting in and out of the car. And no visible lines under your clothes — yaaaassss!


I promptly jumped on Amazon and ordered several more pairs and I haven’t looked back since (ha!).

Sky Roam Wifi Hotspot I travel A LOT, and much of it is to international destinations. My phone ends up chewing up lots of data on these trips and I have come to expect a cellular phone bill that’s a bit of a gut punch to my bank account once I get home.

Plus, it’s a constant quest to get a signal when I’m abroad or I find I’m unendingly thirsty for a reliable wifi signal in houses or hotels. First world problems, for sure, but I run my little empire from my computer and smartphone, so I’ve got to have internet access pretty consistently.

Serendipitously, I found myself roaming the terminal in the ATL airport en route to Scotland, when I happened upon a vending machine with rows of boxed internet hotspots for travelers.


I know what hotspots do, but I never checked into how they work or how you actually get access to one for personal use. I think I imagined it as either a big machine I had to haul around like my laptop charger or else some secret internet website and intricate coding.

The Sky Roam hotspot is half the size of my phone and gives me my own little wifi condo wherever I roam in Europe for the next 10 days! This is so excellent.

I input my travel dates into the vending machine, swiped my card to be charged $8.95 a day and got the box with the hotspot along with a return envelope so I can mail it back to the company when I return to Louisville.

This is going to save me hundreds of dollars, y’all. I promise. And I’ll never travel without one again.

Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer True confession: I found this gem by rooting around in my teenage daughter’s Birchbox.

Birchbox is subscription service where you get a treasure trove of beauty products sent to you once a month for certain periods of times of your choosing.

Grace was out of town and I was organizing her room to welcome her return and I noticed that she’d set this moisturizer aside in the box unopened. I decided I needed to test it out for her to see if it was a keeper.

I really wasn’t expecting much — in fact, I was a little disappointed because I thought the bottle said “Complexion Bronzing Moisturizer.” When I put my reading glasses on and saw that the word was actually “boosting,” I was a little “meh” until…I put it on one morning after washing my face.

Holy wow. Any kind of dull tiredness on my face disappeared and there was a glowing boost. AND — it smells sooooo good. Evidently, a lot of other women who received the sample shared my sentiments and ordered the full size on Amazon, too. It’s my go-to moisturizer day and night.

Dirty Works Touch and Go Radiance Cream If you really want to amplify your visage, use the Air Repair moisturizer and mix it with this stuff. I picked this up on a whim when I was shopping at a TJ Maxx earlier this month.

There’s no tint to this cream, and it doesn’t have any heavy glitter or sparkly stuff; it just offers your complexion the nicest hint of shimmer. Mixed with the Air Repair, it really ups the Radiance quotient. You can buy it online, too, at (you guessed it) Amazon.

PUMA Asha ALT 2 Heather Ballet Flat I am in athletic (or athleisure) clothing most days because I exercise a lot and it’s functional clothing for my lifestyle. I don’t always want to be wearing a trainer / athletic looking shoe with my clothes; like I said, I need the pretty : ).

These PUMA flats have been my go-to slip-ons that look chic and feel like wearing a comfortable and supportive athletic shoe. They come in different colors, but I love the black that has just a hint of a jacquard print.

PUMA Women’s Bow Sneaker Fenty by Rihanna Now THESE … these are special. I don’t know how I stumbled on them; I think I was looking for another awesome PUMA shoe because the brand fits my feet well and I’m crushing on their design aesthetic.

I was not aware that the singer Rihanna had a shoe line in connection with PUMA and that they are whimsical, chic, and fabulous. I’m in love with many things pink, and these are a splash of feminine fun when worn with my usual black and sometimes edgier everyday wear.

It adds a little glamour to your “going to the grocery and bank” routine.

Nulaxy Aerospace Aluminum Multi-Angle Universal Phone Stand Every time I take this on a trip and people see me using this, they want to know where I got it.

This useful (and visually appealing) smartphone stand does more than provide a place for my cell phone to sit on my bedside table. I do a lot of Facebook Live videos and selfies for work and fun, so it serves the same purpose as a tripod, and I think it’s prettier.

You can also manipulate the angles of the stand, which is a nice feature. I started with one, and have since ordered another in silver and one in rose gold. Personally, I think they’re a steal, price-wise. 

I keep them in my office, bedroom, and in my kitchen (it makes a nice stand for reading a recipe on your phone while you’re cooking).

As I like to tell my clients about anything I offer in terms of coaching, advice, thoughts for your consideration, resources, etc. — take what you need, and leave the rest!

If you do decide to make any of these things a part of your life and you love them, I’d love to know. Share with me via email (laura@laura-wagner.com) or post on my Facebook page and tag me (Laura McCauley Wagner).

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  1. So enjoy reading this – a little oasis in my day. Also, you rock those Pumas!