Georgia on my mind…and lots of other good stuff


I am heading out of town to Savannah, Georgia tomorrow morning to attend a retreat with six amazing women this weekend. We’re staying in that pretty place you see in the photo. Apparently, I chose to stay in the “4th bedroom with the romantic sleeping enclave” when I made my reservation late last year. It’s good to get away, connect with others, reconnect with the parts of you that are a little cob-webbish lately, and just to relax and play.

Speaking of playing: last Saturday, January 12th, was the first Unfolding Your Life Vision® workshop I offered at my office building and the eight of us had a fun, introspective, creative, and playful four hours together. The day unfolded (ha!) exactly as it needed to for every woman in attendance and I’m very grateful for the privilege of working with all of them. Next time I offer this workshop, it would be a good idea for me to ask my participants if I could take photos, right? I got so caught up in the pace of the day that it slipped my mind. I do, however, have a photo of my completed vision accordion book. (Click the pic and you can see it without putting your readers on.)

open and folded UYLV


I will offer this experience again soon, or perhaps another workshop I have up my sleeve and am considering for springtime. Here are some other offerings / goings-on that you or someone you know may have an interest in this month — take a look:

How are those resolutions coming along?



For a little over 10 years, I engaged in a largely private struggle with my weight. I didn’t share my thoughts about my weight and food with others because I felt a sense of shame about wanting to lose weight when people told me I looked “okay” or “fine.” I was just a little over the top end of the healthy range for my height / body mass index, so why try to push myself to be a little healthier? I was tired and my knees hurt, but that was just aging, right? I would find some success and continuity by following Weight Watchers or dedicating extra time to exercise, but I still felt like I was on a slippery slope.

You can read here about my personal journey and how, when, and why the big physical and emotional shifts occurred. What’s important now is that I share this work with you. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of your body and your relationship with food, maybe it’s time to try something that’s for the long haul. Something that is what I call an “inside-out job” where we’re looking at how your limiting thoughts and lack of self-compassion are holding you hostage from not just a healthier body, but a healthier life.

Calibration logo

If you want to know more about individual coaching around weight loss and if would be a good fit for you, email me at And here’s something new: I’m collaborating with yoga teacher Stacey Shanks and integrative medicine physician and yogini Kay Corpus, M.D. to offer Calibration: 2013 a multifaceted approach where our collective highest hope for you is the level of love, inspiration, compassion, challenge, and change we already feel about the work we’re doing and your journey with it — even before you enter our virtual doors for the first class.


  • Tuesdays, January 29 – March 5, 2013
  • 1 hour call from 7:00-8:00 pm EST
  • Weekly themes: Commit, Connect, Cleanse, Calibrate, Clarify, Create
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Videos – Live streamed yoga classes
  • Recorded meditations
  • Elimination diet – 28 days
  • “Office hours” for individual coaching
  • PRICE: $247 *scholarships are available based on need  

January is what I call the rah-rah weight loss/change my life/finally get it together month; but  let’s go for broke and ask for a lifetime of health, joy, dreams come true, resilience, compassion and sense of peace. It’s your time. 

Hope floats…Hope floats

Infertility Support Group – begins February 17th

If you or someone you know is dealing with infertility, I am offering a source of support in Louisville beginning in February. It’s really a silent struggle for a lot of women (and men); I know this because I walked through it myself a few years ago.

For someone who wants to step out of that isolation and find community and connection with other infertile women, I will lend my professional expertise and personal experience to create an environment that fosters compassion, safety, the opportunity to be heard and, most importantly, a plan for some fierce and loving self-care.

If you want to reserve your spot now, click here and it shall be done.

Have a great weekend.

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One thought on “Georgia on my mind…and lots of other good stuff

  1. Susan Ribar

    Have a great trip and retreat.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the “Unfolding Your Life Vision” workshop last Saturday. It was a great birthday gift to me. I carry my my accordion book with me. My boss, the MD, was even impressed with it. Thanks for sharing your day with us. It was wonderful. Love you, girl!