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Throwback Thursday: lambs and kittens!

Sometimes I just need to shake things up a little and share some of my non-studio, not-so-posed images.

This photo was taken near Killarney, Ireland in August 2015. It was one of the most beautiful international trips I’ve taken, and I’ve been a lot of places over the past few years. 

Each week, I receive messages in my inbox, Facebook Messenger or in my private Facebook community Women On The MOVE (it’s free — you should join) where women ask for advice, tips, insights, miracles, etc. : )

It’s just like the old days when a helper-person-professional like me who might write a column for a magazine or newspaper would get a mailbag with letters from readers with:

“Dear Laura …

Please help me find a solution.

Sincerely –


I have a blog, and I am a coach and therapist. I have readers with questions and issues, and you fill my mailbag.

I feel like I can offer you some answers, so I am going to take a question / conundrum of yours each week and offer you my best advice, coaching, answers for your questions.

The question of the week comes from Karen, and it’s around that age-old question about how to stop procrastinating, especially when it comes to working out and fitness.

“What can I do about procrastination?

As in: “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, or maybe the next day.” That’s me!”

If you’ve been hanging out with me for awhile, you might know that I preach about the practical magic of taking care of your body by moving it on a regular basis; and I make a point to say that I urge you to find a way to do this from a place of joy, commitment, pride and love.

Exercise isn’t about punishment.

Moving your body doesn’t have to be based in transactional thinking (I ate this much, so I’ll work out this much to subtract “the damage.”)

Can you imagine it being something you look forward to? And if that is a stretch, maybe you could begin to see it as a can’t-miss-it sacred engagement for yourself?

So, what does that philosophy look like in day-to-day life?

What does it look like on a Monday when you tell yourself you’d rather deal with your expense report or fold laundry than go to the gym or lace up your shoes to go outside.

What are the 
tips, tricks and life hacks I can offer you to help you put (pardon the pun) one foot in front of the other and take care of your body?

  1. First things first — we will start with the concept that ALLL of my work is grounded in: mindset.

Start with your mindset around what the task at hand is.

Ask yourself this: How do you want to feel as a result of going to the gym?

 Some of my favorite feeling states associated with taking care of myself:

  • Energetic
  • Proud
  • Confident
  • Strong

Remind yourself of those feelings — what’s on the other side of a workout or any other task where it feels like a challenge to get going.

I made a private video just for my Women On The MOVE ladies this week about some of a my practical advice to keep my mind in the zone of “this is what we do, Laura Wagner — you keep your commitment.”

Here’s a video just for you, my readers, with my process for dismantling procrastination, and instead, fueling my motivation.

And even if you don’t watch the video, here’s the takeaway I want you to have more than anything:

“You’ve got to make plans for yourself and follow through on them like you are taking care of  business.

YOU are the business.

Your body is the business.

You’ve got to start looking at it that way, and not like you’re a ‘side chick’.

You’ve got to remember to treat yourself as your first love.”

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