Any Other Interference is Bullsh*t

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I am here today to break your fall.

Actually, I’m two days early. Because I’m Wonder Woman : ) .

February 9th is the day when studies have shown that most people fall off the “fitness cliff” or slip away from their New Year’s resolve.

The check-ins at the gym decline. Those vision boards you created are shoved into a corner or put into a closet.

What happens and why?

We get busy.

We feel stuck.

We get bored.

We may not have the outside support to inspire or motivate us.

We slip away from hanging in there for those 66 days it takes to make a habit.

Here are a three ways from this life coach and fitness instructor to help you break your fall off the fitness cliff and stay committed to yourself …

And one extra-brilliant piece of advice from my 17 year old daughter, Grace.

1 – Find your people. Phone a friend. Pair up. Show up at the gym and go into that group exercise class and stand next to that lady you’ve seen every Tuesday. Say something to her. The more we’re connected with like-minded people (people who are just willing to show up and put in the work), the greater the possibility that we’ll stay off the cliff.

2 – Write it down. I start each day writing. I write my goals for the day. I write how I want to feel. I write about food. Movement. Money. The past. The present.

Writing helps you stay clear with yourself and builds accountability. If you write down your commitment to fitness or any other goals you have, it makes it harder to look past them.

3 – Progress not perfection; stop kicking your ass into inaction. Any sort of change, whether it’s fitness or anything else, has a harder chance of surviving if you’re in the muck of all-or-nothing thinking.

Focus on the things that your are doing that fuel your goal, as opposed to your perception that you took “one-step-forward-two-steps-back.” Decide you’re going to stay committed to simple but significant changes.

4 – And finally, a few months ago, I was in my bedroom lamenting out loud about struggles I was dealing with at the time.

I kept saying I knew I needed to keep going, but that I was worried about whether I’d reach my desired outcome. I was worried about what certain people would think if I did or didn’t do something.

My daughter, Grace, watched and listened to all of this for a bit and nodded her head. Then she stood up and said this:

“Mom, you know what you want to do and how you need to do it. You’re smart and awesome. Just stick with it.

Any other interference is bullshit.”

So here we are, standing on a precipice — a cliff — where you can think about all of the reasons why and why not.

There’s a part of you that knows you can do this, because you decided you wanted to weeks ago. It didn’t just evaporate.

So square your shoulders. Use my strategies. Keep going. Stay true.

Any other interference is bullshit.

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