April Showers Bring Spring Dollars: How I’ve Manifested Thousands of Dollars Since January




APRIL 23, 2018 ~ MAY 13, 2018

COST: $49 (you will need to buy your book on Amazon)


Click the photo to watch a video where I will tell you allllll about this — or read on!

Thank you over 25 ladies (and counting!) who have signed up for The Money Babe Book Club and Group Study. If you want to be a part of this, register here.

So you might think, “I could read this and do this process on my own — why would I pay someone $49 to put me in a group when I already know what to do?”

Yep. You’re right.

You can very easily and effectively work through this on your own (I did and I’ve brought thousands of dollars into my life –and that goes beyond my projected my income, etc. — since January).

HOWEVER — there is something about the power of accountability, community, communication, energy and expectation that comes with putting a group like this together.

When you’re excited about what you’re doing and experiencing “wins” and revelations, it’s one thing; when you’re seeing that happen for others and a swell of momentum is building — that’s REALLY powerful.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

And it’s also good to have a place to let your skepticism land and get encouragement to stick with the plan.

I’ll be in the group / class every day doing FB LIVEs and offering coaching around the process.

This is my fifth cycle of the Money Babe process; I have a lot of insights and tools you can use in addition to what’s on the pages of the book.

I know what I’m talking about — I’ve earned dollars, discounts, dividends, good and services — you name it … since I started this process.

What’s really powerful to me is to think that if, say, 30 or more women sign on and we’re all working this process and the money flows … well, that’s at least — AT LEAST —$30,000 brought into the lives of women to take care of their families, their businesses, their hopes and their dreams.

THAT’S some serious shit, and that’s why I’m doing this.


$49 is a drop in the bucket when it comes to four figure+ results.


It will also not only change the way you view your money; it will change how you see yourself.




**** There are no refunds for my courses. I give 1000% when I’m teaching classes and running groups, so you are paying for my time, talent and treasure that I’m giving to you with all of my heart.

The $49 price is not an exchange of “I’ll give you $49 if you GET me $1000.” ​ That’s not a grown woman’s way of doing things.

And even if you did want to go to the mat with me on this, I CAN almost 1000% guarantee that if you told me you came away with $0 by 5/13 and I asked to look at your book and all of your homework — that that would tell me the tale.

So invest with your time, your wisdom and your love : ) .



You guys know I love to share my beauty and clothing finds along with fun lifestyle tips and tricks, so here are a couple from this past week AND they totally relate to abundance and money manifesting!


They’re also about manifesting rich connections  — getting out of scarcity mode in life and putting yourself out there.


Friday the 13th was a fun Friday for me.

Early in the day, I met two new friends for lunch at a gorgeous downtown restaurant. We are all models with Heyman Talent and have been in a couple of shows together. Instead of just letting the opportunity to get to know other women slip by, we organized a lunch to spend some quality time together.

I hear a lot of women come from a place of scarcity when it comes to meeting new people and making new friends.

For a lot of us, it is more challenging to put ourselves in front of other women as we age. There aren’t the natural connecting spaces like school or the workplace.

I could have left behind that six hours I spent with Susan and Julie backstage at a March fashion show, but we decided to hang out on purpose.

It takes some vulnerability, planning and a few group texts to make it happen, but new connections CAN happen at any age.

We had a lot of  fun and plan on doing it again and expanding our group (that’s the three of us standing on that checkered floor).

And then later in the day …

I’m a “beauty ambassador” and advisory board member for Clique Boutique, and the grand opening of the newest Clique location was that Friday, as well.

It was a fun ribbon cutting with the mayor and all sorts of fun people (including my daughter, Grace, and her best friend, Cecilia)!

Congratulations to one of my favorite women and locally-owned businesses. I’ve loved supporting Clique for these past four years and that will only continue to grow.

Annnnddd — just a few doors down, a locally owned clothing boutique stayed open later hours for those of us reveling at Clique that evening.

My friend Laura talked me, my daughter Grace, and her best friend Cece, into wandering into the store, Rodeo Drive, to look at the Derby dresses, hats, and fascinators.

Walking in the door, a part of my brain said, “girl, there is nothing you can afford here right now — why go in?”

And there was the louder part of me that said, “just go look and play with your friends and your daughter.”

And that’s just what I did, and it was so much fun.

The Kentucky Derby is just around the corner and there is still a chance I may go to the filly’s race the day before Derby, which is called The Kentucky Oaks.

Oaks (to me) is an event that requires dressing as opulently as one would for Derby, so I was cruising the selection of hats and fascinators to see what aligned with my vibe.

And there it was …

An ENORMOUS pink rose — very simple and complex all at once.

I put it on and, I kid you not, the store collectively swelled with an audible inhale and exhale.

SO beautiful.

At $770, it’s not in my budget to buy that piece –BUT — I will tell you what’s gonna happen:

  • I’m going to do what I can to figure out how to round up a ticket for Oaks as economically as possible (much easier to do than nabbing a Derby ticket)
  • I will take that photo of me in that fascinator to a local craft store that specializes in making / embellishing Derby hats and fascinators
  • I will give them a very THRIFTY budget and say “How close can we get to this for x amount?”
  • I will show up at Oaks and have people photograph the hell out of me in that fascinator and an outfit I’ll conjure up from my own closet or an upscale resale outlet.
  • I will have the time of my life and feel financially proud and smug and looking couture.

I absolutely delight in this. It’s creative, fun and helps me keep it all in perspective and feel proud.

Like I said, I didn’t buy that fascinator that night at Rodeo, BUT they had an “under $100” rack I cruised pretty heavily.

I left the store with these beautiful pieces and was worried the cops were going to come after me because I paid so little that I felt like I stole them : ) lol.

75% off a Halston liquid silver dress and a sequin sweatshirt.

And finally, I have to say my post of the week that almost broke my Instagram had nothing to do with answering existential questions I like to pose at times … but instead, came from a visit to Target where I went to buy aluminum foil and came home with these, as well:

$14.99 Mossimo moto leggings from Target

They look fabulous and feel like pajamas. I have gotten messages from women across the country thanking me and sharing moto legging selfies with me : ).

And you know what?

It’s about the leggings — yes — but it’s really about the little lifts we get in life.

It’s the simple and significant things that make ordinary life extraordinary.

It can be trying on an $800 Derby hat and having your photo made or looking fly at the grocery with your Target leggings that look like $800.

It’s all about what defines a well-lived life for you — and that doesn’t have to cost a thing. For me, it’s a state of mind.

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