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before and after office

Sometimes you don’t need a complete do-over, makeover or renovation…maybe you just need another set of eyes and an open mind to help you see things in a fresh way.

Maybe you need someone who can help you excavate all of the treasures you already have — the ones you’ve been staring at for months, but have overlooked at the same time. And maybe that person can work with you to see things in a new way…to live in a new way.

I’m talking about a very important room in my home, but I’m also talking about life. More about that in a minute.

This is the before and after of my home office. It’s the space that’s about 10 paces from my bedroom where I coach, create, write and think.

We moved into our house in February and it’s been in various stages of the “before” photo most of the time — sometimes more tidy; sometimes more cluttered.

I spent most of this year concerned with all of the other rooms of my home —  the rooms where my family spends a lot time. We’ve ordered furniture and repurposed old stuff.

Like a lot of women, I kept letting the space where I spent a lot of my time drop down the list. It just happens sometimes, even to those of us whose work is spent helping women take care of their lives, internally and externally.

Around the time this fall that I started working with a business advisor on the direction of my career in life coaching and wellness, I turned my attention to my desire for a beautiful and streamlined work space.

The amazing Jacqui Taylor of Re-Vive Home Staging and Restyling came to my aid and spent about three hours this weekend creating what you see in the “after” photo.

I hugged her so tightly during that big reveal because it meant the world to me to have what’s really a sacred space for me not just pulled together, but beautiful and so evocative of who I am. What a treasure.

And you know what she kept telling me?

“You already had so many beautiful things and a vision for how you wanted it to feel, that it made my work fun and easy.”

That’s how I feel when I work with my clients. They come to me thinking there’s a brokenness or missing piece that they just can’t access in their lives.

My work is help them see what’s already there and we pull together all of those beautiful pieces to create something that is new and fresh, for sure, but that’s really their essence — what’s always been there that they didn’t see.

My work space is a snapshot of my essence, and as we move into 2016, the mission of my work and how I do it will also reflect more of who I really am and what I’m here to do in the world.

I have so many treasures to offer the women I work with: I’m a therapist, a life coach, and in the past few years, have added fitness professional to my career.

This year in particular has been a journey in discerning all of this interconnected work and:

  • revisiting and refining the mission of my work.
  • breathing life into that mission and that focus with programs that get to the heart of what I do best for those I serve.

Like the office, it’s not a total gut job at all. It’s really what has been in front of my all along; I’m stepping into it with a deep sense of purpose and intention.

I will reveal more as the remaining months of 2015 unfold, but for now, I can offer you this:

I am here to help women who struggle with feeling beautiful in their bodies learn exactly what they need to do to heal and change that relationship they have with themselves.

When this transformation happens, a woman not only comes alive and thrives in her body, she begins living the life she’s always dreamed of.

My life’s work is to nurture and empower a woman to know and love herself — mind, body and spirit. She will become force of nature whose inspired action and energy will impact everyone she connects with in her life for the greater good.

Simply put, I want you to love your body. When you do, it’s a threshold into a deeper way of living. It impacts you. It impacts those connected to you.

If your body and how you feel about it is a pain point or struggle for you, I understand. I have been there myself. I want you to feel free and energized. I have a process to help you with this.

Like the office, the bones and the tools are already there and they’re beautiful. You just need to give yourself permission and ask for the guidance.

Talk soon…



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