Body of Work: It’s time.

“I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, but I knew what kind of woman I wanted to be.”

~ Diane Von Furstenberg

That’s one of my very favorite quotes that still guides me every day.

My signature coaching program, Body of Work, begins on Thursday, February 23rd, and registration is now open. I’m ready for you.

Whenever I make an investment of this kind in my own personal development, I want to be clear on what I want for myself by committing my time and money to it — not just what I want from the product or person; but what kind of a focus and muscle I want to see from myself.

I ask myself the kinds of questions women ask me about Body of Work.

These are not just questions about logistics; these are questions of the heart. And I have some answers:

  • What will this work do for me?

My answer is a question back to you, and that is “What is it that you want?” Women come to the Body of Work process with different objectives — everything from wanting to lose weight and truly love their bodies to defining and designing a plan to leave a job or enter a new decade of life.

What I coach every single woman around is what connects all of these things:

  • How do you want to feel in your life?
  • And how can we help you step into that feeling as soon as possible — not when the scale tells you or your friends approve..when you know.

That’s where we begin.

  • Can you help me with these things in my life that cause me to feel pain, struggle and stuckness?

I have a magnitude of experience and tools to offer you that will help you make these changes that you want to make in your life. I’ve got credentials in psychotherapy, coaching, health and wellness — I’ve got the “intellectual goods” on paper and in real-time that people seek when they want change or transformation.

What I’ve really got, though, that sends all of that into the stratosphere when it comes to guiding my clients is something that we all have when we are in our true purpose and vocation in life: it’s a form of magic that blends all of the “intellectual goods” with inspiration, motivation, empathy, excitement, humor — and most of all — love.

I love the people I serve and I offer you everything I’ve got with my intellect and spirit. The more time I spend on this earth learning and living life, the more exquisite and wise experience I get to offer you.

  • How’s a coach who teaches women about being confident, intentional and seeing life as art going to show me anything new and real that impacts my weight and my body in a positive way?

First of all, you don’t need me to tell you what to eat, how to move or what your weight should be. Our culture has made you a slave to that for most of your life, in my opinion. If you’re following me and my work, then you know I’m telling you that I believe in another way of taking care of your body and your life that’s grounded in consciousness and love.

If I give you a diet to follow and a prescribe set of rules, then I am not serving you. I believe that in order to make a sustainable, loving change to your body, you need to do the same thing in multiple facets of your life.

The mythology of a diet is that if you put your focus and “willpower” into “calories in / calories out,” then that’s the answer. That’s it … weight loss = happiness. It’s been made into a singular issue.

I’m here to tell you it’s not — the kind of change I help people create is the result of creating shifts in different areas of their lives. You’re not meant to be cut and sliced up so one piece of you solves all of your problems.

You are beautiful being — a work of art, and we are here to look at how to live your life as such. I can promise you that this will have an impact on your body if you fully commit to the process.

  • How is taking time for a class like this going to help me with my struggle of never having enough time or balance in my life?

Let it be known that I don’t believe in “life balance, and I also believe that telling ourselves we don’t have time is story we tell ourselves. I’ve seen women from all walks of life with varying magnitudes of responsibility decide there is time. We’re going to look at your perceptions around your time and the flow of your life and create simple and significant shifts to help you feel and live differently.

  • What’s Body of Work going to do for me if I feel like I’m in “job jail” in my career or “marriage jail” in my relationship and there is no way out?

With Body of Work, we’re looking at the whole of your life — and in a way that flowing, efficient and fun. So if you make changes to how you’re going to take care of your body, that’s going to positively impact what you do with your job and your career.

And if you want to change your job or career, you have to look at how you’re taking care of your body — one cannot go without the other. And there will be other areas, too — style, environment, relationships, etc.

  • Will I ever stop feeling small and defeated when I compare myself to other women speaking out about their dreams and actually living them?

That is my highest desire for you as a woman learning and making changes through my program. You are going to learn to step into the power and grace that is already within you.

I left “small and defeated” behind a long time ago, and it is my mission to help other women rise and shine in their lives — at the highest level they choose and define.

Yes, it will positively impact the ones you love and take care of in your lives — but that’s not why I want you to do it. Do it because you are the most important and beloved person in your life. No woman can fully realize that truth and feel small and defeated.

You don’t have to know all of the exact steps or all of the answers. You just have to decide what kind of woman you want to be. The rest unfolds from there.

It’s time.

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