Celebrating Spring With These Upcoming Groups & Events!

It’s been a while since I’ve offered an ongoing support/coaching group for women in the Louisville area, and women have been asking for it, so I’m making it happen.

The Women On The MOVE monthly meetup is for any woman who wants tools and support to uplevel her life.

At each meeting, you will have my guidance — I’m a therapist, life coach and wellness professional with a background in fitness and personal training — I’m a mind and body pro.

You’ll also connect with up to 10 other like-minded women and leave feeling inspired and motivated to make things happen in your life versus being stuck in “someday, I’ll ….”

I always present a topic and offer you a useful coaching tool to make things happen. I also let the energy, wants, and needs of the group lead us where we need to go.

Every woman is coming from a different place their lives and I love when they share with one another, have “aha!” moments, and recognize some part of themselves in another woman.

We are not alone, and so many women tell me they are lonely. This group will show you that there are women among you who want to have conversations that go beyond asking what your job is and if you’re married and have kids.

If you’re wanting to come, but there’s that hesitation that you won’t know anyone and it will be awkward or weird, I encourage you to step into the part of you that wants to say “yes” to things that interest you and make you curious about life.

I attract wonderful women in my work — it’s always a welcoming, fun, interesting and, really, a loving group of women who gather. I create that climate on purpose.

Here are all of the details and the link to sign up:

WHEN: Thursday, March 14th, 2019

TIME: 7:00 p.m. –  8:30 p.m.

WHERE: Bloom Counseling & Wellness Studio, 6500 Glenridge Park Place, Suite 8, Louisville, KY 40222 (near The Holiday Manor Shopping Center)

WHAT: Since it’s close to St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll be talking about how you can create your own luck in your life instead of thinking it comes out of nowhere or everyone but you is the lucky one.

COST: $39 — There are limited spots, so to claim yours, sign up here:  https://laurawagnercoaching.as.me/WOTM

VIBE: Very casual — I may be wearing athletic clothes … but hey, if you want to show up in your live-your-best-life clothes, you know I’m in full support of that.

Don't give up; get up.

In my work, part of my mission is to guide women to moments of beauty, clarity, and delight that help them feel free.

I want to curate experiences that help them meet themselves in a way that will feel like it’s new to them, but it’s really an arrival into a part of their spirit they’ve had since they were born; they just got really good at tucking it away for different reasons.

One of the best moments in my work is when I see women walk into the room at one of my seasonal Lavish dinner and coaching events.

I purposefully and lovingly select the site for this event and make sure how it looks and feels is executed in a fashion that is beautiful, intimate and welcoming.

I see the faces of women change and light up as they realize the gift they’ve given to themselves by participating in this event and meeting like-minded women who also want to these special and often transformative experiences.

This delights me — to serve and teach in this way: offering a lush environment, laughter, powerful questions and discussion, and beautiful and nourishing food.

Do you want to give this to yourself? Well, it is time.


Don't give up; get up.




DINNER, COACHING & CONVERSATION BEGINS AT 7:00 P.M. (we’ll wrap up around 10 p.m.)

DRESS … to impress yourself

COST: This $299 investment (which can be paid in full or in two installments) in your beautiful self will get you:

  • An “I’ll never forget this night” gourmet meal, drinks, dessert in a gorgeous dining suite I’m totally in love with (it’s our own urban apartment for the evening with a private chef — chic and comfortable)

  • Powerful coaching, questions, and conversation with up to 15 women who are stepping up to this evening for themselves because, no matter what their station in life, they want to explore their creativity, get inspired, make plans, and engage in making genuine, ongoing connections with other women who are similarly motivated

  • Ideas, motivation, inspiration, connection to carry you through the year … and beyond.

To secure your seat at the Lavish table, go to THIS LINK to register.

This night is a great labor of love for me; I believe that when we invite more beauty and joy into our lives, it enables us to see ourselves with even greater depth and breadth — and we act on that and grow beyond what we once thought possible.

Lavish. It feels good. It’s beautiful. It’s meaningful. It’s fun. It’s sumptuous. You will learn things that you will never find in a book or PowerPoint presentation. The value is immeasurable.

I hope to see you there. And if you think you want to come, but need to chat about it a little bit before you say yes, contact me at 502.851.4447 and we’ll talk (or text, if you want). Are you ready to go now?

Sign up NOW. Space is limited.  


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