Coming in September: It’s time to Level Up


This month, I was honored to be featured in a local magazine with women from all over my city.

We shared our unique stories about how we take care of ourselves, as well as (we hope) inspiration and motivation for other women to create a lifelong friendship with their own bodies for optimal health and happiness.

Since the magazine was published on August 1st, I’ve gotten a lot of calls and emails from women who saw that I was a therapist and life coach and wanted my help.


Quite often, in those last five or six minutes of our conversation, she will say something like this:

“And also …”

  • “I hate my body.”
  • “I’ve never felt or looked worse in my whole life.”
  • “I overeat to make myself feel better. Then I feel angry and ashamed. Then I do it again.”
  • “I hate exercising. I start with the dedication and then I let it go.”
  • “I’m out of control.”
  • “Exercise is for people who have more time than I do. I am so smothered by my career and family obligations that there is no way I can make time for it. Everything will fall apart.”
  • “I did the ____________diet, and all I did was obsess over counting points/carb cycling / the number of almonds I could eat / macros / the number of pounds I gained back after I “finished” the program.”

Don’t get me wrong, the other issues people bring to me are important, but what I have learned by working with clients for thousands of hours is this:

If we only address those other issues you’ve brought to me and I’m not asking you if you have a plan for taking care of your health and how you put it into action, then everything is really just a house of cards.

My experience has shown me that the reverse doesn’t work — or at least doesn’t hold up long.

The job, the baby, the money, the kids being raised or the perfect partner aren’t always going to make you take excellent care of yourself.

In the spirit of this, I’m creating a 1:1 coaching “express” package called LEVEL UP.

It’s going to be three one-hour sessions that are going to be laser-focused on putting your health on the top shelf. 

This is what I do. This is my best work. 

Yes, I can help you with stress, depression, grief, anxiety or divorce, among other things. 

But THIS … This is what women are really calling me for most of the time:

“Please help me learn how to take better care of my body.”

“Please help me figure out how exercise doesn’t have to suck.” 

“Please help me get off the diet train and do something sane and sustainable when it comes to food.”  

“Please help me figure out how to stay motivated.” 

“Please help me be able to like my body. Is it even possible to love my body?”

So I’m coming to you with something that’s all about that — coaching, challenges, support, accountability, love, and toughness around how to live in your best body.

I challenge you to find a licensed therapist …  who’s also a life coach … who’s also a group exercise instructor … who’s also a personal trainer  — an ideal professional combination to help you get to the heart of this and get things done.

I challenge you to find a woman who has all of those professional qualifications and has also: 

  • lost over 35 pounds eight years ago and changed her relationship with her body forever 
  • who trusts herself (not a plan designed by a company whose goal is to profit from you gaining and losing the same weight over and over again) to eat for energy and take pleasure in food (both can co-exist)
  • who loves to move her body and has tried and embraced many forms of exercise — it should be an adventure to find out what you and your body love — not a burden
  • whose 48-year-old body is stronger and healthier than the woman she was in her 30s with a 70 lb. postpartum weight gain and the battle scars — physically and emotionally — of four miscarriages in less than two years

When you’re done looking, and you realize that I’m the one —  let’s get going. 

Further details about Level Up will be released on Sunday, September 1st, so check out this newsletter that will arrive in your inbox that morning and follow me on Facebook and Instagram for announcements and information about how to sign up. Spots are limited. 

Can’t wait until then and want to know more now? Email me at and let’s talk.

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