Creating A Life On Purpose & With Purpose

Earlier this week, my dear friend, master coach, Susan Hyatt, shared our interview from her BARE documentary.

It was a sweet surprise to see it show up in my newsfeed.

This interview was filmed on 12/19/19.

That experience was a whirlwind flight to ATL for a 36 hour trip to see some of my closest friends, spend the day with them on set, film & fly home.

Eight months ago.

A lifetime ago — not in years, maybe, but in lots of other ways.

That world — those tight airport security lines, crowded restaurants & a makeup artist inches away from my face — was in another lifetime.

Until now, I’ve never seen our interview in its 15 minute entirety.

Sometimes serendipitous things like this appear right on time in your life.

I’m trying to figure out (maybe you are, too), what the hell this 2020 lifetime is, and I go through periods of feeling lost.

You may have seen the news last week where former First Lady Michelle Obama talked about experiencing “low-grade depression” this year.

I get it. I think I’ve been there with her — not shut down or despairing — but feeling lost, isolated, angry, lacking concentration, and generally out-of-sorts.

It’s a “who the f*$% am I in all of this?” hole I step into. It comes and goes.

Seeing my interview, though — the stories I tell, my spirit, the way I laugh, cry and my expressed beliefs about creating a life on purpose & with purpose.

I needed to see that; and I didn’t know that until I knew it.

I am speaking from the heart there & that is ALWAYS going to be “who the f*$% I am in all of this.”

Right now, I’m doing so wearing a mask, hustling harder to support my family & finding ways to make a direct impact on what’s happening in the world versus yelling at the TV every night.

I’m a living, breathing lifetime — a constant for myself no matter what comes to pass.

I’m lucky I got to see and hear myself in the interview to remind me, but I can always access that belief.

You are the constant for yourself in the storm of lifetimes that keep rolling through.

Every cloud runs out of rain, and the light always finds its way.

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