Creating fatalistic, fictional timelines? Do this instead.

Minutes 1 – 8: Life coach vibes: “live your best life … you don’t have to keep calm, but please carry on…”
Minute 8:40 to the end: Pandemic hair.


I would skip to minute 8:40 of this video if I were you, too. 

Hair is getting really interesting for some of us during this stay-at-home period. 

HOWEVER, please go back to the beginning of the video and watch the other good stuff. 

That’s where I’m telling you about this week’s present I made for you. 

I’ve created a list of questions you can answer to fuel your brain with possibilities and promises. 

If you’re like me, you sometimes ride waves of confusion and low energy, and you just want to shut down — physically and mentally. 

We need to give ourselves permission to do that, but most of us want to rise up and feel better sooner rather than later. 

I tell my clients that change stems from having high-quality thoughts. Now, I can offer you a list of thoughts that you can “try on” and see if they are a good fit. 

But, I want you to trust yourself more than you trust me  : ) 

I’ve got tools that show you how to create your own thoughts versus me prescribing a thought like a pill that is supposed to help you feel better. 

The way I do that is by teaching you the art of asking yourself better questions. 

You create your own answers. You create your own thoughts. 

The questions I created for you are in keeping with the times we are living in, but you could use them at any point in your life. 

And, like, I said in the video — WRITING your reflections and answers adds 42% more likelihood that you will shift your thoughts, form habits, take actions and create what you want. 

Putting pen/pencil to paper changes the brain. Both sides of your brain (right and left)  are activated. You use your imagination when you read and think about something (left brain) and writing it down fires up your mind’s logic and decision-making abilities (right brain). 

When you connect the two, that’s when you make things happen — “someday” becomes “right now.” 


From Fatalistic to Futuristic In Six Questions


This week, I am giving you an added incentive to do this. 

  • Choose three of the questions on the worksheet and write your answers (a few sentences or more). 
  • Send them to me at (take a photo or scan them) and I will put you in a drawing TO WIN A 30 MINUTE COACHING SESSION WITH ME. 


Now — right now — is the perfect time to strengthen the foundation of your mind and the choices you’re making to build your life. 

These are uncertain and sometimes painful times, but that doesn’t mean working on your future has to be a heavy and draining process. 

I bring my lighthearted spirit when I am working with my clients in a way that is honorable and respectful.

Right now, I’m helping women across the spectrum with job loss, home school overwhelm, anxiety, inventing new — often online – streams of income, as well as my nurses on the front lines who are devoted, and also terrified right now. 

We need each other; we’re going to get through this, and I am with you. 

The world has given us a “reset” that we did not ask for. 

Everything stopped for everybody. No one was spared. 

It’s been tragic and upending. Unprecedented. 

It can also be an opportunity to look at your life, decide what is important and ask, “Am I living the way I want to live?” 

If it’s time to recalibrate or rebuild your life as we emerge from this crisis, I’m ready for you. 

Let’s get moving. 

Single 1:1 session options: 

Do you want a more comprehensive approach where you have contact, continuity and accountability with me in between our sessions?

My Body of Work programs are my intensive coaching experiences that cover six areas to help women design a wide-awake, extraordinary life by creating mindful and significant practices in their everyday lives. 

I encourage and guide women to take their lives into bold, fabulous new directions.

  • Mindset
  • Body and Nourishment
  • Adventure and Fun
  • Relationships and Connection
  • Career
  • Style: Personal and Environmental

The Body of Work Signature Program is a 3-month option with eight 1 hour sessions. 

The Body of Work Ultimate Program is a 6-month option with twelve sessions and other bonuses.

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Stay connected and stay well. 

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