Do the things you wish would happen.

It’s always a good day to be a guest on Great Day Live! with host Angie Fenton.


I am grateful I can be a source of information and inspiration for my community; and, I have to admit I get a Laura-lift when I get to have a conversation (that’s not a text message) with another human being who doesn’t live in mu house :).

In this feature, Angie and I talked about finding the light — the hopeful and good — when the world is what I call “cracking open” (sometimes hourly) with news of sickness, divisiveness, anger and desperation.

Click HERE to watch.

Looking for the light in troubling times isn’t a “turn that frown upside down” practice of looking away from what we are facing every day.

It’s setting an intention to look for evidence of our resilience, joy and creativity in 2020, a year that’s already got a lot of “worst of” awards on the shelf.

Did you watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on PBS? I did when I was a little girl, even though I wasn’t sure about some of those puppets.

The creator of the show, Fred Rogers, was a wonderful advocate for children among his many contributions before his death in 2003.

He once said that when he was a little boy and felt scared by what was happening on the news, his mother would tell him, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”


Look for the helpers. Look for what’s helpful and good.

Decide to expose your mind to the proactive, the creative, the resilient, and the altruistic.

Better yet — BECOME that.

Do the things you wish would happen.


  • Study the things you want to change (crack open those books about anti-racism you bought two weeks ago and do the work).
  • Write those letters or make those phone calls to state legislators (they practically have templates online where you can fill in your name and sign electronically).
  • Fight voter suppression. If you’re bored, this will keep you mighty busy for the rest of 2020.
  • Go to and choose from hundreds of opportunities to be of service to others (many are virtual / distanced). “Just by doing this research for you, I volunteered for the Give An Hour Nonprofit Corporation to offer my mental health support services one hour a week via telehealth to the members of the military, veterans and their loved ones.

Or be:

  • the 30% tipper
  • the neighbor who checks on a neighbor
  • the people who walk their cats in a stroller (my family = hands raised)
  • the family down the street who sits in their driveway and project movies onto their garage door every Friday night.

It’s all light.

It all matters.

Find the good and do the good — on purpose, and with purpose.

You may have seen this story earlier this month about an assisted living center (Victorian Senior Care) in North Carolina whose residents posted requests for pen pals via Facebook.

You think you’ve been shelter-in-place and social distancing? This community has tight restrictions in place to curb the spread of coronavirus, and that includes a ban on any visitors.

That limit of social connection for so many months breeds loneliness over time, and that is another public health problem. Studies show that loneliness causes mental as well as physical pain.

That Facebook post by the assisted living center went viral, by the way.

If you want to find out how to be a helper and get involved in something beautiful, click the photo to watch my video to learn more:

Watch this: “Write is might; be the light.”



Begins July 27th, 2020

If you’re going to be the light and be a helper in the world — it starts with you.

By that, I mean it starts with helping yourself.

Change. Journey. Challenge. Transformation.

Well, we got all of that and more in 2020, and we are still in it. (Sorry for all the mean things we said about you, 2019).

You need a soft place to land this summer to take care of yourself in an ever-changing world.

You can wait and wish for “a new normal,” or commit to a new quest:

  • Unpack your overloaded MIND of the stress, doubt, fear, grief, loneliness, and anger. I often say that hard times in life “have given me wisdom I did not ask for.” Now that you know what you know at this point, what are the possibilities?
  • Learn a new body language – Put these words on lockdown: bad, start over, fix, guilty, cheat. Put some MUSCLE into: respect, honor, energy, trust, strength.
  • MIRACLE is defined as a “a marvel or something wonderful that defies logic.” If there was ever a time for creating miracles, it’s now. You are at the helm of creating extraordinary personal and global changes that would have defied logic only six months ago.

It’s some mighty work.

And it’s also joyful and fun, because we need that now more than ever.

Inspiration. Motivation. Laughing. Learning. Conversation, and … challenges with top shelf prizes — thoughtful and unique self-care swag .

There’s also a generous payment plan option available, so you don’t have to say, “I wish I could, but …”

I’ve talked with many women over the years who wanted to participate in one of my programs, but the financial commitment was a factor.

I hope I’m offering a way for you to give yourself this gift.

I want this for you.

Isolation has become the norm this year, and we are meant to connect with each other.

I don’t want any woman who wants to be a part of this to be left behind.

And hey, maybe we’ll connect and be each other’s pen pals along the way. (I’m actually serious about this.)

There’s more Mind, Muscle and Miracles details coming your way.

Registration is coming soon!



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