Don’t give up; get up.

Don't give up; get up.

Did you fall off the cliff last week? Maybe the week before that?

Maybe it was January 2nd.

It’s okay. You can catch yourself. I have a few ideas about how.  

February 9th is the day when studies have shown that most people fall off the “fitness cliff” or slip away from their New Year’s resolve.

The check-ins at the gym decline. Those vision boards you created are shoved into a corner or put into a closet.

What happens and why?

We get busy.

We feel stuck.

We get bored.

We may not have the outside support to inspire or motivate us.

We slip away from hanging in there for those 66 days it takes to make a habit.

Here are three ways from this life coach and fitness instructor to help you break your fall off the fitness cliff and stay committed to yourself …

1 – Find your people. Phone a friend. Pair up. Show up at the gym and go into that group exercise class and stand next to that lady you’ve seen every Tuesday. Say something to her. The more we’re connected with like-minded people (people who are just willing to show up and put in the work), the greater the possibility that we’ll stay off the cliff.

2 -Write it down. I start each day writing. I write my goals for the day. I write how I want to feel. I write about food. Movement. Money. The past. The present. Writing helps you stay clear with yourself and builds accountability. If you write down your commitment to fitness or any other goals you have, it makes it harder to look past them.

3 -Progress not perfection; stop kicking your ass into inaction. Any sort of change, whether it’s fitness or anything else, has a harder chance of surviving if you’re in the muck of all-or-nothing thinking.

Focus on the things that you are doing that fuel your goal, as opposed to your perception that you took “one-step-forward-two-steps-back.” Decide you’re going to stay committed to simple but significant changes.

Don't give up; get up.

In my work, part of my mission is to guide women to moments of beauty, clarity, and delight that help them feel free.

I want to curate experiences that help them meet themselves in a way that will feel like it’s new to them, but it’s really an arrival into a part of their spirit they’ve had since they were born; they just got really good at tucking it away for different reasons.

One of the best moments in my work is when I see women walk into the room at one of my seasonal Lavish dinner and coaching events.

I purposefully and lovingly select the site for this event and make sure how it looks and feels is executed in a fashion that is beautiful, intimate and welcoming.

I see the faces of women change and light up as they realize the gift they’ve given to themselves by participating in this event and meeting like-minded women who also want to these special and often transformative experiences.

This delights me — to serve and teach in this way: offering a lush environment, laughter, powerful questions and discussion, and beautiful and nourishing food.

Do you want to give this to yourself? Well, it is time.


Don't give up; get up.




DINNER, COACHING & CONVERSATION BEGINS AT 7:00 P.M. (we’ll wrap up around 10 p.m.)

DRESS … to impress yourself

COST: This $299 investment (which can be paid in full or in two installments) in your beautiful self will get you:

  • A “I’ll will never forget this night” gourmet meal, drinks, dessert in a gorgeous dining suite I’m totally in love with (it’s our own urban apartment for the evening with a private chef — chic and comfortable)
  • Powerful coaching, questions, and conversation with up to 15 women who are stepping up to this evening for themselves because, no matter what their station in life, they want to explore their creativity, get inspired, make plans, and engage in making genuine, ongoing connections with other women who are similarly motivated
  • Ideas, motivation, inspiration, connection to carry you through the year … and beyond.

To secure your seat at the Lavish table, go to THIS LINK to register.

This night is a great labor of love for me; I believe that when we invite more beauty and joy into our lives, it enables us to see ourselves with even greater depth and breadth — and we act on that and grow beyond what we once thought possible.

I find it interesting that this is one of my offerings that ignites great excitement when I create it and invite women into it — they sign up with great relish and enthusiasm — and I love that.

Yet, somewhere along the way, as the event draws near, I start to see a pattern…

Some women email me and say something has come up that’s an obligation or bigger priority than this evening they’ve said “yes” to and paid for (they give up their Lavish ticket to someone else when they cancel since I do not give refunds for this event).

Or that they simply can’t do it that night because life has become too much of something in some way, and they decide they’re just not going to make it.

These messages come in the days, hours and even minutes before the event begins. This fascinates me, and makes me wonder…

We say we want these moments — these evenings of splendor, connection and doing something for ourselves because we desire it.

We want it.

We know it’s the stuff of life — that we don’t want to say on our deathbed that we wish we’d finished one more PowerPoint presentation; stayed home and watched one more rerun of The Real Housewives of Orange County; or if only we’d acquiesced and gone to just one more of our neighbor’s parties because our spouse didn’t want to go alone … and well, it’s just an obligation… what we’re supposed to do.

If you look at me, how I live, and how all of that connects to the kind of life-changing work I offer women — and it moves you and you want to tap into some of that moxie, spirit, creativity, and courage to see what it would mean for amplifying your own life … then you’ve got to start saying “yes” to yourself more and blowing up some of these rules or self-imposed barriers you’ve been creating for yourself.

If an opportunity makes your intuition sing and your heart pound, listen to it.

Quit ignoring it or filing it away for “later.”

Stop thinking that if something doesn’t allow you to get ahead by helping you earn your CEUs or if it doesn’t give you a step-by-step, didactic map to a job promotion, then it’s not as worthy of your time and money.

Step up. And for no one else but yourself.

If your intuition pulls at you and you feel you need to be a part of something that excites and delights you, but doesn’t make practical sense, it’s never a bad time to listen to your gut.

When I first starting promoting Lavish and inviting women to it, I found myself trying to tie in all of the “answers” for how it the night could impact them in some measurable way — to the point where I felt like I was getting statistical.

I so believe in the magic of that night and the women who say “yes!” to it, that I’ve just trashed all that “data.”

Here’s what I know:

Lavish. It feels good. It’s beautiful. It’s meaningful. It’s fun. It’s sumptuous. You will learn things that you will never find in a book or PowerPoint presentation. The value is immeasurable.

Let THAT be reason enough.

You know how I make more time and money in my life? By investing in things that bring me joy, let me play, and make deeper connections with myself and other people.

This is one of my sacred truths and one that I’ve seen it come to life for other women, too.

I didn’t wake up to a life of joy, soul, health, adventure and bravery one day by canceling on myself or shrinking away from new things that scared me a little, but were a magnet for me to be a part of in some way.

People have told me that they think I am fierce and fearless.

I’ll let you in a little open secret of mine, and it’s this: I’m afraid almost every day. Sometimes little niggling fears and sometimes big-leap fears.

I stare fear down, connect with my deepest desires, and then make and act on decisions that mean I will live up to the spirit that is within me. That’s what makes me fierce and fearless.

Things come up in life — an inconvenience, a crisis — but on the whole, when I say yes to something that is important to me, I am fierce. Fiercely committed.

I’m asking you to go all in with yourself and see what that would mean for you — and not just for Lavish (it would be lovely to see you there, of course), but for other choices in your life that mean something about the woman you want to be — not the woman you are to other people and what they want or need you to do.

Decide that you will not back down from things in your life that delight you, move you, inspire you, and motivate you.

Decide you will be an active participant in your life and say “yes!” to opportunities instead of hoping they happen to you — and, for the love of God and all that is holy, stop canceling on yourself. On your soul.

I think it’s so much easier in this culture we live in today to shoot the text message or email and say, “I’m out. Sorry. Bye.” drift away, and lean into our to-do lists instead of personal development work that has the potential to expand our lives.

Say yes to yourself.

I hope to see you there.

Here’s the place to say YES:

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