Don’t You Dare Give Up

This week marks the next era of our family’s life.

Our daughter has moved out and is starting her freshman year of college.

My boy is in middle school.

I’m working at my practice and started a new job last month working at my gym.

I’m alone in my work some days and surrounded by people on others. My introverted self with my extroverted qualities loves this.

I get to marry my passions of working with the mind and the body.

Everything’s changing. More than I can reveal.

Coming home.


Coming to a close.

Coming full circle.

I can tell you this:

Don’t you dare give up.

Doubt. Cry. Sleep. Hide. Rally. Hide again. Laugh. Cry some more. Talk to your friends. Hope. Have sex. Dream. Be silent. Move. Rest. Write. Get therapy. Eat. Don’t forget to listen to music. Believe. Think that it’s over.

But remember again and again  … this just might be the beginning.

Live through all of that beautiful mess — and don’t you dare give up.

I am on a mission to help women create and implement a plan to live their happiest, healthiest lives — one day at a time.

I’m a self-proclaimed “triple threat” wellness professional (therapist, life coach, fitness professional) so I cover just about everything when it comes to mind, body, and spirit.

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