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Every couple of months, I round up a list of a few of my favorite things to share with you. Here’s what we’ve got to welcome the month of September: 

FRINGE JOURNALS (get the faux leather bound spiral ones)

For years, I’ve been a journal hoarder. I’d buy pretty ones wherever I could find them — Target, Nordstrom Rack — even Walgreens. Somewhere along the way, I made trip to T.J. Maxx and they had gotten an office supply shipment that included the spiral bound Fringe brand journals. 

I bought a pink spiral journal with a faux leather cover. There’s just something about the weight of it, the feel of the paper, and the way it’s lined that made me fall in love with it. I write in it every single day and have filled up volumes of my life in those notebooks this year. 

That’s ANOTHER favorite thing for you: write every day. It will change your life. The link will take you to the Fringe online store, but you can cruise any T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s or Nordstrom Rack and you’re bound ; ) to find one there. 


Somewhere along the way this year, I became an anxious night driver. I couldn’t see that far ahead, and lights coming at me had a halo effect. 

I freaked out and thought it was my brain. 

Right … that shit wasn’t about my brain; it was about my 47 year old eyesight. 

So the first FAVORITE THING of this section that I’ll offer you is that if you’re noticing you’re having trouble reading or driving at night (which a lot of women my age are dealing with), get an eye exam. It turns out I am nearsighted and have a stigmatism. 

All of that fun stuff meant I needed bifocals for my reading and my driving. And let’s throw in some anti-glare to help me drive safely and sanely.

I kid you not — when I put my Rx glasses on when they arrived at Lens Crafters, I said “I can see!” out loud. I’d needed those 1.75 strength bifocals for quite some time and they’ve changed my life. 

The FRAMES are my true favorite thing, of course. You’ve got to feel beautiful in your glasses. 

I bypassed the Burberry and Prada shelves and landed on the more economical, but still fabulous Vogue brand. I need pretty big frames for my face and these also  have a nice cat eye effect on the corners.

I am even more fly with my pretty glasses. And sighted lol. 


This is actually a Favorite Thing repeat, but it’s so good I had to bring it back again. 
I had a dinner party at my house in July where I burned this candle in just one room of the house. People raved about it all night.

I’ve been buying this candle for years and I’m still in love with it no matter what time of year I burn it. 

You might balk at the price and tell me “that’s crazy” and you can get your Yankee Candle at Cracker Barrel and TJ Maxx — you go on ahead now; I understand. But if you decide to give it a shot, send your “thank you” emails to laura@laura-wagner.com


Liquid Light Luminizing Transformer and Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra in Smoky Quartz. I remember that I was sitting on the floor wrapping Christmas presents in 2017 and texting my friend Jeff. 

Him: “What are you doing?” 

Me: “Wrapping Christmas presents … and I just got sucked into buying a makeup kit on QVC.”

Him: “lol” 

I spent a half hour watching makeup artist Mally Roncal spread the word about her wares, and I decided I had to get her sampler starter kit. 

I was not disappointed; I use this stuff every day.

The quality is wonderful, it wears well, and the colors flatter my skin tone (and evidently a lot of others, too — that was her goal, she said in her QVC segment, at least).

Most days, I use the lumizer in place of a BB cream or foundation (or with it if I’m feeling fancier and going somewhere special). I always get compliments on how flattering the shimmer is on my skin.

The smoky quartz shadow stick is an effortless way to create a smoky eye that lasts all day long; the color is rich and gorgeous — perfect for daytime or evening. She also threw in a great primer and mascara, too, but these two are my favorites. Check her out.


OKAY, this is my favoritist favorite thing.

If you follow me on social media or this blog, you know I am a fixture at Sunergos Coffee at least six days a week. I have a drink called “The Laura” and I know and adore all of the Norris Place location baristas.

It’s my home away from home … my satellite office away from my private practice. It is where I am writing this blog write right now while drinking a cup of white peach blossom tea. Everyone knows my name, yet I usually just quietly tuck myself into a table to write pages and pages and drink my coffee every morning.

I think Sunergos (pronounced Sun-er-goss) it is the best coffee in the city of Louisville and I’ve been in just about every shop in town; but more than that, I think I love it the most because of the spirit of love and hospitality that goes into every cup.

Sunergos is about their relationships with customers as much as it’s about the art of a fantastic cup of coffee. Every time I am there and I see how people treat one another, I know I’m in a place that is very real — it’s not a mirage. 

People are good and want to be in community and know one another. It’s such a port in what I feel is a stormy world in some ways right now. 

If you don’t live in Louisville (or you do and want Sunergos delivered to you), visit www.sunergoscoffee.com and, click “Subscriptions” and you can have the magic beans shipped to you. 

And what is The Laura, by the way? 

It’s a breve (half & half — I like a rich espresso drink) latte with cinnamon steamed into it. I get a large (20 oz.). Four shots of espresso, baby. That coupled with my ADD medication every day and I am a force of nature. 


I wish I had a link for you, but this bag was a random find at  — you guessed it — T.J. Maxx. I bought it because I’m getting ready to go on a trip to Italy this month and I like to organize my carry-on bag situation efficiently.

I have a tote-bag-kind-of- briefcase where I carry my ginormous Mac laptop, a change of clothes in case my luggage is delayed, my journal and a few magazines; however, women also get to have some kind of purse situation on planes, too. My regular purse is too small for the other stuff I want immediate access to when I’m flying, so I’m always searching for the perfect  purse / backpack hybrid.

I’ve found they’re often either too big, too small, too ugly, have too many weird buckles, or are too cutesy without enough function — I guess I’m picky. 

Finally, I found my match when I came across this. It has just the right number of compartments and it’s the perfect size for my phone, wallet, passport, fuzzy socks for the cold airplane and my medication. I could probably get my iPad mini in there, too, because I can never have too many devices. Also, the fabric is a shiny metallic, which I love.

Why do I share things with you? Well, I love a find and if it can help light up someone else’s life in even the smallest way, that makes me happy. 

My work is often helping people find ways to make simple and significant changes that yield big results over time in their lives.

Some of that is stuff like this — simple, relatively inexpensive pleasures that make you feel beautiful, rich, connected, comfortable, luxurious, and smart. 

Surround yourself with little sparks of beauty and let it shift your life. You might start seeing yourself in a different way.

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  1. Ellen Beckemeyer

    I totally agree about finding a bag for the plane. Lining up a bag to go with each situation is so challenging.