Favorite Things: Shoes! Food! Chanel Imposter Purse! MagicBax!

Hey good people!


One of my favorite blog posts to write is when I accumulate a few of my favorite things and get to share them with you.

These are all over the place, but they are my latest finds and go-tos, so if they fit into your life somehow, I’m happy to be that girl who passed the info along.


Have you seen the commercial for these? Or have they entered your Instagram feed (that’s what happened to me 🙂) ?

The photo of the ad explains what these tiny wonders do. It’s an earring back to holds your earrings upright and more firmly to your earlobe.

My everyday go-to earrings are some version of a 1 carat cubic zirconia (I’m working on the diamonds 🙂) posts.

They look striking with my short, silver hair, but tend to “hang” on my ears because they’re a little heavy.

I took the bait on Instagram and bought a four pack of these sterling silver backs.

$20 seemed a little steep for tiny earring backs, but I have to say that the result is worth it. My faux diamonds from Nordstrom Rack sit upright and shining on my earlobes and I love it.

Target Finds

My Target trips this spring were mostly to buy things for the Airbnb experience we pulled off on the weekend of The Kentucky Derby.

I know the truth-joke is that one goes into Target for a $9.99 storage container and rolls out to the parking lot an hour later with $100+ of clothes, beauty products, WD-40 and … the storage container. Lol.

I hadn’t investigated Target’s clothing, accessory or shoe department for awhile until last month — I wear fitness apparel a lot and buy most of my other clothes online or at consignment stores.

I made a Target stop recently recently, though,  because my summer wardrobe needed a few pieces to pull things together.

Since I’m seeing more clients in-person, I have the opportunity to wear my “real” clothes versus gym clothes sometimes (I’ll show up in either/or depending on what I have going on that day, though — I can make spandex knee pants look put together the right tank top and jacket).

I needed a pair of nicer shoes to make my summer dresses look a little more posh and these kitten heel slingbacks were a chic and practical find. They will go with just about anything and only set me back $22.99.

The handbag. The handbag! This made me so happy. Finding this was one of those magical shopping moments where you aren’t looking for a treasure, but then there it is!

Tangled up on the clearance rack was this blush pink Chanel-esque knockoff. I have two real Chanel bags that are my pride and joy, and I love to carry them as much as I can.

I don’t keep them out for long periods of time because I’m pretty rough on my stuff as I move throughout my day and I want to preserve those $$$ bags for as long as possible. They are timeless treasures.

I saw this bag and knew it would make me happy to retire my silver Chanel bag for a couple of months after having carried it around for about six weeks.

This is my perfect pink, it has plenty of room for all of my stuff and is well constructed for a very inexpensive bag. It was marked down to $9.48. It will be great for the summer.

When you know your style, you know that you can mix those high and low finds together and look like a million bucks.

Nature’s Bounty Complete Protein & Vitamin Shake Mix

I don’t usually drink my meals, but there are times when I’m in a pinch.

I hear people talking all of the time about how great Shakeology shakes from Beachbody are, and I did a little research online to find a more … economically friendly … version I could make for myself.

The Nature’s Bounty brand is one I found on a very informative mom blog (thanks, girlfriend).

Here’s how I make it:

2 scoops of the Nature’s Bounty chocolate protein powder

1 frozen banana

1 tablespoon of almond butter

8 oz. of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 cup of ice (to give it a nice milkshake-y consistency)

I have a Vitamix blender that crushes all of that in mere minutes. It’s delicious and energizing, and I feel full for hours.

My healthy pancakes

I found this recipe on Pinterest years ago when I was making some changes to the way I was eating. I wanted more nutritionally sound versions of my favorite things and I was intrigued by this recipe.

loooovvvee these; they are so easy to make and I promise you that the consistency and taste is that of a pancake. A little tip: add cinnamon; I think it makes them even better.

All you need are those ingredients and a food processor.

I often fill them with cut fruit, roll them up, and eat them along with a hard boiled egg. You can also do the whole butter and maple syrup deal.

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