Get Dressed: Style is an inside-out job …

Get Dressed: Style is an inside-out job …

I’ve been talking to you about my Style MOVES e-course the will begin on 11/19/18 and I’d love for you to follow THIS LINK to get a free sneak preview of what I have in store for you.

Last week, I came across something that got me thinking about how my style has developed over the years.

My family has taken on the project of clearing out a basement storage space that hasn’t been attacked since we moved in three years ago. It’s necessary, but it isn’t much fun; however, there have been some fun discoveries!

I came across this photo of my now-17-year-old daughter, Grace, and me that I haven’t seen in years.

What a different woman — and not just the way I looked.

I can remember I was working so hard to feel good and look good when I was a new mom. I was in a part-time job I hated and trying to figure out what it meant to raise a child and become the woman I wanted to be.

I got frustrated with myself for not being able to figure out my weight, my hair (that hair, tho <3 — God love me), and my clothes.

I was not an unhappy woman, and I also see a beautiful woman in that photo with the baby, but there was some part of me dying to come to life. Some of that had to do with how I presented myself outwardly to the world.

The other photo was taken last year in New York City. There, I see a metamorphosis, and it’s not just what’s on the outside.

When I began to love myself into making changes versus berating myself, things aligned. It was an inside-out process.

It also goes to show that contrary to what our culture tells us sometimes, women come into our own as we age. It can be the best, most confident time of our lives — mindset, style — all of it.

Style MOVES can teach you a few things about what this can mean for you.

Registration opens tomorrow, November 12th, and the five-week email program will begin on November 19th.

I have a waiting list to work with 1:1 clients right now, so if you want to get the flavor of what it’s like to work with me, this is a great way to do it.

It’s only $39 and a great gift to give to yourself before we go into the holiday season and you start buying gifts for everyone else.

And I’m so proud of it. Join me.

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