“Get outta town…”

SUBTITLE: Why you need to attend the Soul Asylum Retreat in October (I was ready to pay money to go on my own retreat after I read this. Seriously.)

I have had tons of inquiries about this retreat, so I decided to pick the most commonly asked questions and lay it all out for you here:

1. “Why should I even go on a retreat? I’m so damn busy.”  

Uh…precisely. If there is one thing I’ve learned from what I will call my “medically necessary retreat,” it’s that we all need to take time for respite, recharging, re-dreaming and re-engaging (that’s a mouthful of “re-” words because I’m in recovery mode, a la very recent knee surgery).

Before life circumstances put you on notice that you need an extended break, choose to claim it for yourself.

Give yourself the gift of traveling to a new place outside of your normal routine and setting to completely focus a few days on any or all of the following:

  • Enjoy the beauty and comfort of the resort we’ve reserved to decide and design exactly what you want in your life: personally, spiritually and professionally
  • Lovingly amplify this time for life design by connecting with your body through yoga, hiking, biking (all levels — really) and any spa services you want to add to your experience
  • You can choose to be coached around specific issues or choices you’re considering in your life and you will leave the retreat with a personal road map for implementing and sustaining the plans you’ll make 

2. “What’s it like to work with you?

I once said (out loud and in writing, no less) that I want to achieve “Meryl Streep success” in my personal and professional life. Really, I did. There’s me having a Meryl moment in that photo below…so pensive…okay, I digress. Let me explain how all of this SO works in your favor.

Meryl is fiercely committed to her craft and brings it to every single film. She’s shifts and stretches to meet her roles and she takes care of her audience while being who she is.  And while I don’t know her personally, I see her with her husband and kids at those award shows and how her eyes show that’s what really matters — not the gold statues or Clooney being in the front row. She’s also freakin’ hilarious and genuine when she gives an acceptance speech.

How in the blue-eyed world does any of that translate to what I do and its impact on you? First, I am fiercely committed to my people. If the thought of attending this retreat pulls at your soul, then you’re my people. 

I approach my life and my work with a radiant tenacity: I’m curious, creative, and I’m a healer with my words (in person and on the page). I’ve honed my craft through years of life experience and professional training to help my clients clarify what they want. I do that by holding the space for you to discover, question, and carve out the life you were meant to live.

In a loving and stealth Navy-Sealish kind of way, I help you learn to dash out the thoughts that stand in your way. When doubt creeps in, I step in and lend you the overflow of the perseverance I carry with me at all times so you can remember who you really are (and you aren’t those crushing thoughts, my friend).

I’m also fun as hell — my pledge to myself when I made changes and strides in my 40th year was that I was unchaining myself from the fun-sucker thoughts and actions that I held onto for so long. I create experiences in my everyday life that keep me electrically awake, alive, free, and bellowing with laughter. I’m a lovingly rowdy girl and I share it freely with others. This means you. Like my beloved Meryl, I show up for all of my life’s work with love, intention, discernment, vulnerability and confidence.

AND — I haven’t even touched on my fantastic partner/co-host/ yogi-angel-coach Stacey Riley Shanks. I could do a whole other blog post about her and what she will bring to this experience, but I will let you click her lovely name to learn about my friend and what she offers. She is a champion of courage and you owe it to yourself to know her and work with her.

3. “Okay, so why this specific retreat?” 

The last quarter of the year doesn’t have to be the buildup and sprint to the expectations and stress around the holidays or the resolutions you tell yourself you can’t keep. Enter Soul Asylum. The mind-crack you bring with you to Georgia will fall away like the leaves on the trees that blanket the beautiful grounds where we’ll be staying.  


4. “I’m about to take the leap and register, but I just want to be sure… “

Maybe this will help. Here’s what:  Don’t come unless you want…

  • Crisp mornings cozied up in your sweatshirt, drinking coffee on the porch overlooking the color and majesty of the rolling hills at Dahlonega
  • The time and solitude to reflect, rest and tap into new energy to enter the last few months of the year with intention, joy and confidence
  • Connection with others and a place to share your stories; time to discover the beautiful trails and waterfalls of the area, enjoy delicious meals, and linger over a glass of wine (or two)
  • An experience that lets you have the freedom and downtime to explore on your own, play and rest, as well as two outstanding coaches at-your-service to guide you to discovering your heart’s desire and how you’re gonna live it after we return home

That you? Yeah, I thought so. See you in Georgia.

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  1. OMG, I want to come! Wait, I am!!