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A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a good friend of mine about a project I was working on, and just about life overall.

I explained to her that I could track a pattern that I got into when I begin or create something new — like a new coaching program, say — and emotionally, my pattern went kind of like this:

  • excitement
  • smitten
  • confident
  • bold
  • action


Over time, if I told myself things were moving too slowly or were stagnant, the emotional landscape shifted to:

  • questioning
  • worrying
  • doubt
  • loneliness
  • a slow drifting away from my own encouragement
  • avoidance of action


AND THEN — just when I’d go into that slow-drifty place, I could almost count on, without question, the jolt.

Yes, a jolt.

This is not just a tap on the shoulder from the universe saying “this is pretty good, Laura…” but a “fuck-yeah, THIS is what we’re doing this for, Laura!” high five.

The jolt could be something like five people signing up for Body of Work in a two day period after a days of quiet. Which has happened. Whoa.

I told my friend this: “So that leads me to think that I have to tunnel into that questioning-doubtful-lonely-drifting kind of place to get the high five. And that’s exhausting.”

And my beautiful, wise, white-lighted friend offered this:

“Well, if you can invite in those kinds of results, momentum and magic from a place of doubt or even despair, then imagine what you’re capable of if you can bring your fierce love and confidence back into focus when you feel yourself drifting.”

And we just looked at one another with tears in our eyes because we had, in the best way, fucked ourselves up with some truth – lol : ) .

I have friends who call it staying in the magic or miracle. I love that.

Staying in your magic isn’t about chanting affirmations or trying to will something into place.

And staying in your magic isn’t about denying that you feel stuck or confused.

It’s being able to look at both of those parts of yourself and know that your capacity for love, creation, abundance, joy and fun is in the driver’s seat of your life.

The other stuff is there, too, but you build resilience to work through it and manage it so that it’s not driving and swerving all over the road, making you think you’re about hit a tree.

When you stay in your magic, you are wise to your tendencies to believe that worrying about an outcome or process will somehow get you want you want.

Like me, you may have told yourself the story that if you let things get lean and hopeless then this prepares you for either:

  • the surprise of success (and I say surprise on purpose — it’s not the same as joy; surprise is more accidental; joy is more like an invitation)


  • the belief that “see, I told you this wouldn’t work / wouldn’t happen” is affirmed … and you feel defeated.


What if you practiced believing the good stuff, feeling the good stuff and acting on it?

What if the “good enough” life grows into something more beautiful than you ever let yourself imagine?


I help women living “good enough” lives make holistic changes to create lives that are a living, breathing work of art.

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