In 2019, I will …

I will

  • revel in my family
  • be purposeful in my decisions and actions
  • leisurely hustle (as a mentor once taught me)
  • teach, guide and support women to heal and grow
  • make new friends and spend more time in the physical presence of my old friends
  • nurture and protect excellent physical and mental health
  • unapologetically claim my worth
  • get more sleep
  • eat more green stuff and get more calcium
  • write every single day
  • have as much fun and experience as much pleasure as possible

What do you want to commit to this year?

I will

Do you need some accountability and strategies for creating a vision and running with it in 2019?

I’ve got openings for new clients in 2019 and I’m in the business of offering my people accountability and strategies, as well as motivation, inspiration, compassion and … PURPOSE.

Whether you need that one appointment that’s your jumpstart for 2019 or you want to meet regularly (I have clients that meet me once a week, twice a month, once a month, once a quarter, etc. — we do it all), let’s talk about it.

Whether it’s about transformation or healing — or both — I work with people in my office in Louisville, and I have clients around the country where we do phone sessions.

You can schedule a free consultation / discovery call by going to my calendar and setting up a time that works for you. We’ll determine if and how we’ll move forward — and there’s no pressure.

People are ready when they are ready.

Think you’re ready? Click here and we shall see!

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