Is it time to uplevel your Style MOVES?

Around this time last year, I launched a lovely little self-study, e-program called Style MOVES.

It was just in time for the holiday season and included five lessons I created to help a woman evolve into and embrace her personal style, one choice at a time.

I’m re-releasing it again this fall and it’s going to be a sweet little pre-holiday steal for you to give to yourself for $39. So, if you missed it last year, now is your chance.

That’s a little less than $8 a lesson and those lessons include worksheets and mini-workbooks I’ve created to help you excavate and create your own Style MOVES.

I move through life in leggings and athletic clothes and can switch to a dramatic ball gown or party costume with the greatest of ease.

If you ever hear me ask myself, “Isn’t this a little bit over the top?”, the answer you’ll likely hear after that is, “Yes, and that is exactly why I’m wearing it.”

It’s not all about clothes; it’s confidence, creativity and having a sense of adventure.

I wasn’t always this way; my love for style and finding joy in experimenting with it blossomed as I entered my 40s, and a lot of women ask me about how I do this.

  • “What’s the mindset?”
  • “I couldn’t tell you if I was classic, sporty, romantic or what. How do you know?”
  • “How do you look into your closet or go into a store and know how to put something together?”
  • “Aren’t we supposed to not wear certain things as we get older?” (according to what entity, I ask?)
  • “It must cost you a fortune to look like that!” (nope!)

Stay tuned  — because Style MOVES answers a lot of those questions.

Registration details are coming soon and the program will begin on Monday, November 19th and end on Monday, December 17th!

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One thought on “Is it time to uplevel your Style MOVES?

  1. Ellen Beckemeyer

    Grace Kelly

    Audrey Hepburn

    Marilyn Monroe

    Jackie Kennedy

    Elizabeth Taylor

    So many to choose from. Grace Kelly is my top style icon.