Is your surge capacity depleted?

Now, to be transparent: of course I created the contrast with those photos on purpose. 


You looked, right? ; ) 


Obviously, there’s a whole glam situation going on in the first photo: there’s the glass of champagne (haven’t had one since that night), and the setting is an art museum gala event I attended with my husband.


The recent photo is where you’ll find me every single day — pandemic or high water — my coffee shop at the corner of Norris and Speed. 


There’s the mask, of course — one of a collection of about 15+ I’ve accumulated since the spring. 


On the evening of March 15th, my phone pinged and dinged at least 20 times in less than 10 minutes:


“Did you know at least three people at the gala have COVID-19?!”

“Hey — just saw this — you were there, right? I saw you on Facebook.”

“Heads up! Are you going to get tested?”


And … my favorite:


“Omg” (followed by a link to a local news source).


And that was the exact day I huddled up in my home, and have pretty much stayed there, with the exception of some necessary stops or carefully selected spaces in my city.


What I notice the most between those two photos, is my eyes — and that has nothing to do with false eyelashes. 


There’s a beautiful me in both of those photos, but my eyes in that September photo hold the story of 6 months of life I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams. 


You are living your version of that, too.


My eyes are heavy and bright with hope, confusion, hustle, procrastination, happiness, loneliness, creativity, apathy, revolution and sorrow. 


In March, April and May, I surged ahead and created flow in the chaos. 


High achievers like me get off on that — “look at me, surfing this sludge and keeping my head up!”


But somewhere along the way, mid-June, maybe, the surges were waning … a little bit here, and a little bit there. 


“Tough” days were sometimes “awful” days, and I could not figure out what the hell was going on, until my husband nearly begged me to read an article he found. 


My mental and physical adaptive systems for short term survival during a disaster or life altering chaos? 


Those were continuously tapped for weeks on end. This is what happened:

If your surge capacity is depleted, you’re not alone, and you don’t have to “fix” yourself. 


Think more along the lines of “renew” or “replenish,” and not for the purpose of getting back to draining yourself over and over again. 


I’m here to help. 


Join me on Monday, October 5th, 2020 at 12pm EST for my FREE workshop, “Overloaded: Refresh & Renew Your Surge Capacity In 2020.” 


*Note – This workshop will be recorded. If you cannot attend live, we will send you the recording link the next day.


Here’s what you’ll learn and be able to implement in your life: 

  • Why getting your hands dirty might be one of the best ways to clear your mind. 
  • Which important deposits to make to the wells of your well-being.
  • The difference between “change” and “loss” and the impact on your life in 2020.
  • One radical move we usually resist, but will offer us great relief and grace. 


I see your eyes, too — in the grocery, spraying your hands after pumping gas, and staring down at the reassuring glow of your phone. 


I’m with you, and things can get better just as much as they can get worse. I don’t have no-fail “tips and tricks,” but I can offer compassion, support, ideas and companionship that I hope will fill you up. 


You’re not alone.

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