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Welcome, good people – 

This is one of my favorite blog posts to create, and I haven’t since … mid-2019? 
So it’s definitely time for a few of My Favorite Things!

I love to offer you motivation, inspiration, tips, and tools to live a beautiful life, I also like to share those seemingly “little things” that enhance your everyday life or offer you fun “life hacks” to do something better.

Actually, as far as my work and life philosophy goes, these are tools for your growth and development.

What may just seem like “stuff” to some people might be the very thing that lifts your mood every time you see it or do it. 

It could spark an idea or a way of showing up in the world that leads to something bigger. 

CLICK HERE to watch and learn about things that make my life better and spark joy.

 Let me know if you have used or experienced these things and your thoughts in the comments! And feel free to share some of your favorite things, too.

Eufora Dry Wax spray 

  1. You can use this product with wet or dry hair: I spray it on my roots to give my dry hair some volume and texture. It also has a slight “hold” feature (for my hair, at least), that helps keep a style in place without being stiff or weighing your hair down.

 2. If you’re one of “those people like me who knows you’d probably benefit greatly from some sort of meditation practice … but resist it due to lack of time, or (for me) the belief that there is no way to slow this brain of mine down. 

The Headspace app could be your meditation breakthrough. I use the free version (they will offer to uplevel you, of course — but if you love it, they offer great content; it would probably be worth it. 

I often do the three minute guided meditations for stress, taking a break during a busy day, panic, overwhelm and calm. They all have themes and you can choose what you feel like your mind and body need to tune into.

I know it’s helped with my high blood pressure and those times of day when I don’t know what to do next related to business tasks and projects — so I try everything for five minutes. 

Three minutes of meditation, at the very least, has helped me slow down and be more deliberate.

 3. Did y’all know about this?

I do most of my clothes shopping online, but I’ll hit a department store every once in awhile if I need something right away.

I went to Macy’s one day and discovered their outlet-ish department when I happened upon a store sign that said: “Don’t forget to visit Macy’s Backstage on the 3rd floor.”  It was a whole new world for me! 

It’s pretty much a warehouse-ish shopping situation, and you have to be in the mood to hunt for unexpected treasures, but that’s something I’m good at when it comes to clothes — especially when I can purchase something beautiful  for up to 80% off.

I’m also a fan of Last Call by Neiman Marcus and Saks Off 5th, Saks 5th Avenue, where you can find higher price point, but still discounted, designer clothes.

Watch the video today and you’ll see what I walked away with the day I was there.

Maybelline Curvitude Eyeliner

      4. Listen, I still didn’t know how to use a curling iron until I was 17 years old (#truestory), so eyeliner application was a whole other level –particularly liquid black eyeliner. 

It’s hard to see what you’re doing with your hand blocking your view while you’re applying it, and it needs to be so precise or you just have a weird, jagged lash line. 

Bravo to my Instagram for leading my scroll to someone I follow who’d used Curvitude and had beautiful results. And she said the same things I just did — “I thought it was impossible.” 

Her eyes looked amazing (this was not a makeup artist — she’s a civilian : ); and the curve of the wand intrigued me. It seemed like that was the answer I might be looking for, and it was! 

I love this and use it every day now. I can create a very thin line on my lash line (or “tight line”) AND create a full, dramatic look with the wing. I can’t get over myself! 

I think it depends on your skin, but I feel like it’s all-day wearable most of the time. I may get a few smudges by my brow line around 5:00, but it’s easy to touch up.

Louisville Meetup for women:

5. I haven’t had an in-person group gathering for a long time, but I wanted to get back to it in 2020. 

I think being in the same room with people holds a lot of power that we don’t get to tap into as much these days since we communicate so much through technology.

My friend Dr. Alysondra Duke recently told me about the power of developing a group through the Meetup platform. 

Damn. I had no idea y’all were on there looking for what I am offering, but you are!

You are ready. to. go!

My new Meetup group, the You Can Sit With Us Women’s Collective will be a monthly gathering for connection, fun, learning and personal development. 


Coming in March 2020! The date/time will 
be announced after Valentine’s Day! 


3900 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40207

Imagine walking into a beautiful and inviting space where there’s warm light, kind voices, laughter, and someone welcoming you right away. 

And imagine that you’re so engaged with others, involved in discussions, laughing and sharing stories, or learning something new, or even life-changing — that you only want more when it’s time to go. 

We will do something different each month: 

  • coaching workshops on growth, change, health, wellness, relationships, and more 
  • guest speakers on a wide range of topics: 
  • money 
  • changing careers 
  • online dating 
  • evolving your personal style 
  • life after divorce or a life-threatening illness 
  • when you love your family and your job, but feel like you’re lost 
  • how to travel alone 
  • women who’ve had once-in-a-lifetime experiences or unusual careers 
  • … the possibilities are endless. 

If you’re still here reading and nodding your head, then come sit with us.

Do you need inspiration, motivation and a plan (or an updated plan) for taking care of yourself and feeling good in your mind and your body this year? 

Come sit with me. 

Those intentions you set for yourself to become a healthier woman have not evaporated. 

You have not failed or “fallen off the wagon.”

You just need to LEVEL UP.

I have a 30 day 1:1 coaching program where I will help you design an empowered mindset, move your body, and select and solidify habits that work for your life. 

  • I do not do diet bullshit. 


  • I do not give you “x”-is-the-way-to-work-out-for-results hype. 


  • I do not teach you that if you “mess up” and don’t eat a specific ratio of food one day and move particular body parts on another day, you’re “doing it wrong.” (Yep. I was confused about that, too). 

What I see over and over again with my clients who have diet hangovers is this:

 If it has rules, it’s not sustainable. Or enjoyable. 

And so that’s why you quit, and you kick your own ass. 

What we will do together with your thoughts, habits, movement, and progression, is going to be as unique in your handprint. 

Want to know more? 

To Level Up, click here and sign up today. 

To find out about other coaching options I offer, set up a free 15-minute phone consultation by clicking here. 

Are we connected online? Let’s do it!



I post something almost every single day on social media that’s inspirational, motivational, educational or just plain “here’s a fun slice of my life.”

Have a great week!

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