It’s Such a Surprise


A few weeks ago, my friend Cindy started sending me a link to a web page about an open call for models for a Kentucky Derby fashion show.

She’s seen a lot of the photos that I’ve had made over the years that appear on my website that communicate my business, beliefs and presence.

Cindy’s always told me I was a natural in front of the camera and could be a model.

I thought it might be fun to try it, but I tucked away her nudge and didn’t think much more about it.

That Saturday audition or “go-see”, as it’s called, came along, though, and I decided to go to the talent agency just to see what would happen.

And you know what? I’m going to say something here that I don’t know that a lot of women would say out loud about things in their lives, but I wish they would; and that is this:

I know when I am good at something.

I can look at certain opportunities and tell myself “yes, I could do that.”

I went to the “go-see” that day a few reasons:

● I thought it would be fun and that if I JUST SHOWED UP, there might be an outcome that would be surprising and fun.

● I knew the audition was also being held at an agency that is always looking for “new talent” — models, actors, etc. — and I found that intriguing. Maybe I was a woman that they were looking for. They wouldn’t know that, though — and I wouldn’t know that — unless I showed up.

● I do love being in front of a camera, and I have known, since I was about 15 years old, that I wanted to be some kind of model; but I wasn’t able to create that opportunity when I was younger, so life rolled on …

● HOWEVER, I’ve let that inner-model come out over the past few years by creating a business / practice that has an online presence where I am seen. And I’ve been purposeful about how I’ve created the visual story of who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

So that Saturday, I got up, got dressed and walked confidently into that agency. I listened to the direction I was given and “walked” for that audition.

I had so much fun.

I loved seeing all of the different people who showed up; they weren’t looking for one “type” of person.

The end of the story of that day was really the beginning of a new one in my life, and it is this:

● An agent came to me after I walked and asked if I was being “represented” by anyone. “Just me,” I said. “I represent me.” Lol.

● I got work — a new facet of my career that has opened up to me — because I followed my curiosity and my heart and I showed up.

● I am now a 46 year old fashion model.

I’m 46 years old and my brain is learning to use my “model training wheels” — I’m having the time of my life, though.

And I just showed up.

I showed up because I believe that there are opportunities around every corner, but we don’t know if they are available to us unless we seek them or are “present to win.”

I showed up because it was fun.

I showed up because I know that wishing doesn’t make things happen. Curiosity coupled with action makes things happen.

I showed up because I believe it’s never too late.

Here is the dated, signed agreement that sealed the deal. And there’s me with my “model bag” going to a fitting for a show. Girl — let me tell you — it IS fun and glam to do this gig, but it IS a job; there is a learning curve and there are expectations, rules and standards to know.

One of my favorite movies, Under The Tuscan Sun, is the story of how actress Diane Lane’s middle-aged character has to create a completely new life for herself after a devastating divorce.

She ends up in Italy on a whim, and against her usual sense of judgment, she follows her heart and intuition to purchase and renovate an Italian villa and build a life for herself in Tuscany.

The movie is the story of that — all of the mishaps, triumphs, fears, loneliness, joys and questions.

She just kept showing up, though. Every single day.

She knew something inside of herself was supposed to live that life.

And she was right.

The quote I referred to from the movie isn’t just about the story of the character’s triumph, but about life overall.

Maybe there’s a book you want to write.

Maybe it’s time to flip the script on your career and create an exit strategy to a new job or building your own business.

Maybe it’s time for you to step away from comparing yourself to others on social media and find ways to create what you want for your life.

Maybe it’s time for you to start living the way you want to live, and let it be okay to feel vulnerable, nervous or even afraid.

How will you know the potentially beautiful outcomes unless you show up and do it?

And even if the outcomes aren’t so awesome, you will get to know yourself on a whole new level, no matter what.

The more you live that way, the more you’ll build your courage and show up even more in your life.

It’s never too late for you to make the hints of your dreams blossom into a beautiful reality.

“Unthinkably good things can happen … even late in the game. It’s such a surprise.”

Show up. Bask in the beauty of a delicious surprise.

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