Just One Thing

Monday was the 1st day of school-ish in my home.

So far, my college sophomore & my 6th grader are off to a strong start🤞🏼in our strange world.

For me, the beginning of the school year has always felt like a bonus New Year’s Day in the last half of the year.

I had decided that this year, though, was not because of the changes that keep coming… and then changing again.

But, it doesn’t have to be unspecial if I decide I don’t want to believe that.


When the mind is overwhelmed, we can change our brains by doing just one thing.


One action.

Small is relative.

A move is a move.

When you do that, your brain gets a boost of happy chemicals to propel you forward.

This weekend, I decided to take some “Back-to-School-Happy-New-Year” actions & they made me happy & revealed some treasures.

When I cleared that entire cubed shelf on Saturday, I wanted to take a nap; but, I also knew it was the way to clear the space and create something new.

Among the piles of books, boxes, photos & shoes (shoes are art), I found this post-it note my daughter wrote me when she was about 9 years old (soul).

It was like finding a note from someone you love in your lunchbox!

I also have seven paper bags of things I’m donating today.

And you can’t start a new school year without new shoes.

I’m not sure they make me run faster like they did when I was a kid, but I still love them.

And on this first day of school, I had socially distanced coffee with my new friends, Charlie & Barry, at Sunergos Coffee, Micro-Roastery.

They’re about 20 years older than me, but I teach them stuff, lol.

We all left feeling happier we’d been in each other’s physical presence.

So what’s your Back-to-School-Happy-New-Year going to be?

Give your life some love today & do just one thing.

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