Keep watching or start dancing

Some dear friends and me after Zumba at LAC – Westport Road in Louisville.
 If you’ve ever been curious about Zumba, you should take your first class with instructor Allison East (4th lady from the left)… She’s unbelievably talented and an all-around beautiful human being. 

I’d been away from my favorite Zumba class for many months. I wanted to get back, but I had all kinds of reasons and excuses.

And then, I got on TV, Great Day Live! and told thousands of people that returning to the class was one of my goals for the Great Day Live! 90-day challenge #GDL90 for change and transformation.

To me, dancing is praying with my feet; it’s my favorite way to move.

Last Saturday morning, I shut down all of the reasons and postponements and just showed up; and it was THE most joyful thing I did that week — hands down.

I saw old friends.

The room was packed.

The music was loud.

The energy was magical.

Allison East’s choreography was fire.

It was also the toughest cardio I’ve done in weeks — like my hands on my knees breathing heavily after each song — and I am one fit mother — but I still couldn’t wait for each next song.

The body remembers what to do, even if you step away for a little while.

The heart remembers, too.

You don’t need to tell a TV audience to keep your promises to yourself. Shut down all of your emotional arguments and just do the damn thing.

This is your one and only life.

Keep watching.

Or start dancing.

Ready to stop watching and start dancing in your life? Maybe it’s time to Level Up. 

I won’t make you go to a Zumba class (I might encourage it, though : ).

I inspire and teach my clients to take extraordinary actions within their everyday lives to realize their goals and desires and transform their levels of physical and emotional fitness.

We won’t focus solely on the outcomes you want: the weight loss, the career shift, the romance in your relationship, or the number of days you’ll show up at Fitness 19.

The truth and transformation arrive when you start focusing on who you want to become.

The foundation of change is your chosen identity (ex: “I am a healthy woman”), and the bricks are going to be your thoughts and habits (“This is how a healthy woman thinks and what she does  — without argument”).

Once you get that, you will be unstoppable.

I still have a few Level Up 1:1 coaching spots open for the LAST month of the year at its current price ($599). 

Here’s what you get in this 30-day program:

~  Pre-work from me — LOTS of reflection questions to help us dig deeper into what you want. 

~ Three 1 hour sessions that are ideally scheduled no more than two weeks apart during the 30 days of the program. You can see me in person or we’ll have phone sessions. 
~  Those three sessions are scheduled right away so you have a solid commitment set up immediately. That way, you can’t drift into weeks or months beyond the program. It’s an intensive, so the continuity of the time in terms of when we meet is important. And yes, I know things can happen and we may have to pivot, but we’re going to stick with this as much as possible.
~  Plans, challenges, and homework designed specifically for your goals. Whether we’re focusing on your relationship with food or fitness (or both), I’ve got an arsenal of the best tools I’ve created and used with my clients for the past seven years. They are tried-and-true and I’m always adding something new.

In January 2020, I am leveling up and charging more for the program because the value is tremendous and the work is tailored to fit; so if you’ve seen me offer this and have been thinking about doing it, this is a good time to step up.

This isn’t a canned program with “everyone does “x” and the outcome is “x.”

This is personal, and as individual as your fingerprint. 

If you want the “crash diet” equivalent of life coaching, I’m never going to be that girl.

I’m about:

  • Sustainability
  • Truth.
  • 1% every day being the key to transformation.
  • One size does not fit all.
  • You are not here to shrink-to-fit in any way.
  • You trusting yourself.

If you want to start in December what most people put off until January, let’s do it.

Email me at or schedule that free consultation to find out more (more details, what my voice sounds like : ),  the energy I have, the ideas and tools I will offer)

And, f you haven’t already connected with me online, you can find me here:

I post something almost every single day on social media that’s inspirational, motivational, educational or just plain “here’s a fun slice of my life.”

Have a great week!

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