Learning the Ropes: Four Reasons Why I Love Moving on Purpose So Much

1. I embrace and encourage vulnerability every day of my life — with myself and people I work with. And when you exercise, you can’t help but step into physical and emotional vulnerability: “Can my body do this?    “I don’t want to do this.”   I might be stronger than I think.”   “It’s possible I might be kind of badass.” Even when you forget how to double dutch.

2. When your mind is rushing, cob-webbed, overloaded or cloudy, connecting with your body creates a clearing. There, you are about motion and breath — just like when you first entered the world. Unencumbered. You will return to the regularly scheduled programming called your life, but less tenuous. More steadfast.

3. If you can find a way to make it fun AND challenging, that’s the holy grail. Find a way to play. Find a teacher with great energy who embodies skill, encouragement and deeply loves what they get to do. Get in there and get messy. So what if you went to the left when everyone else knew it was the right? Feel silly and tired. Smile at other people who are there with you and learn their names. Create a community for yourself.

4. If you’re willing to suck at it, then it’s even sweeter when you surprise yourself and meet your inner athlete.

Say, for example, you were the girl in high school who wouldn’t go near sports and had her head in a book or played cassettes on her tape deck in her room all day long. And say you gained 70 lbs. when you had a baby and yo-yo’d around with the last 25 – 35 of those for about 10 years.

And say you were willing to see yourself in the fourth decade of your life as growing stronger, more beautiful and more vibrant. More of a risk taker and less of a shit taker. When you show up for yourself and treat movement like you do other important appointments AND with approach it with a spirit of curiosity, vulnerability and love — you learn the ropes of your life.

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One thought on “Learning the Ropes: Four Reasons Why I Love Moving on Purpose So Much

  1. Say for example…good post! Nailed it. Literally and figuratively. Meaning literally, as in the words you chose! And literally…