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If you’ve ever found yourself saying anything like this:

“I want to learn how to take better care of my body.”

“I want to find a way to exercise that I can tolerate; I stopped believing I could ‘love’ it a long time ago.”

” I want to get off the diet train and do something sane and sustainable when it comes to food.”

“I need to figure out how to stay motivated.”

“Will I ever be able to like my body? Is it even possible to love my body?”


You can cross off every single one of those wants and needs off your list of what’s “wrong” with you, your life or your body with coaching, accountability, challenges and my brand of “soft-touch-toughness” around how to live in your best body.

The “best” is not defined by anyone outside of yourself.

That scares some women. We’re used to being told — “here’s the plan: follow it and you will get x.”


If there was one diet plan or exercise regimen that 100% bestowed good health on every single person … we’d all be doing it. There is no such thing.

What can exist is a plan as an individual as your fingerprint that you and I will create together.

I’m going to take a thorough look at your life exactly as it is right now, and we are going to create a tailored way of daily living that will guide you to optimal mental and physical fitness.

This is what I’m offering you in LEVEL UP.

It’s a laser focused on putting your mental and physical health on the top shelf.

Yes, I can help you with stress, depression, grief, anxiety or divorce, among other things. What I know for sure, though, is that if you take care of your body and your mind supports that, you empower yourself to work through anything that is thrown at you in life.

My personal experience has also taught me that taking exceptional care of myself has saved my ass. I know I can handle the rough waters if I stay physically and mentally strong.

I offer people my tools, guidance, and knowledge through social media and blog posts; however, there is nothing like having me all to yourself in your life.

Scrolling and reading my words cannot compare to having an accountability partner who knows your history, your goals, where you need the most encouragement, and what your lifestyle is like.

The depths of personal growth are found when we connect with someone to be our champion, coach, counselor, teacher, and guide. That’s what I did nine years ago when I got tired of going it alone with diets, self-help books and my stops-and-starts with exercise.

That work inspired me to stop making promises to myself and become deeply committed.

So, what’s the level up process?

LEVEL UP is an investment of ____________________. Here is what you get: 

  • Pre-work from me (lots of questions for you to answer) so I know where you’re at and what you want before we dive into the first session.
  • Four weekly, 1 hour sessions, in one monthOR ONLINE CLASSES – GROUP PROGRAM?
  • Plans, challenges, and homework designed specifically for your goals. Whether we’re focusing on your goals and mindset or your relationship with food and fitness (or both), I’ve got an arsenal of the best tools I’ve created and used with my clients for the past seven years. These are my “greatest hits” and some new things, too.
  • In between those hour-long sessions (or classes), you can message me, text me or email me (or I do coaching in the group portal – Facebook?) to share the progress of what you’re creating for yourself. Your participation  — your commitment — is paramount in this process. I am here to serve you; you serve yourself by showing up.
  • You will be required to move your body during this process. Exercise. I will work with you to find a way to move your body that you look forward to — I want you to love it. You will go on a fitness scavenger hunt to find those treasures, whether it’s daily walks, working with a trainer, yoga, Zumba, aqua classes, Pilates — I’m loaded with knowledge about what’s out there, the results you can expect to get, and how to integrate movement into your life on a regular basis so it becomes who you are — not inconsistent or non-existent. It’s a non-negotiable, If you don’t think you have time, you’re just lying to yourself. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.


When our work concludes (and that’s really just the beginning for you) what will you know and how will you feel?

There is no better feeling than knowing in your soul, that you are living the life story of the woman you want to be.

Your personal systems for your life: routines, habits, self-care — particularly fitness and fuel for your body. You will develop “non-negotiables” for your schedule that help you take care of yourself; and that is going to feel so good. You’ll shed the guilt and stop canceling on yourself.

You will be resilient. You’ll learn that nothing is a failure. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow. You will get skilled in the art of the pivot — and let me tell you, that starts becoming an art in your life, not “giving up” or “the least worst choice.”

You will learn that discipline really means devotion in a lot of ways. You are not here to “whip yourself into shape”; you will become a woman devoted a high level of strength, self-love, happiness and growth for herself.

You’re going to find a way to move your body that will light up your brain. You will hear yourself say, “ohhhhh – this is what the fuss about how awesome exercise is all about. I get it.”

You may lose weight on your body if that is your goal. That’s because you will lose the weight of heavy thoughts and actions (or in-action) that may have contributed to you hanging onto weight that your body needed to release.

All of my skill, devotion, knowledge, care, guidance, inspiration and motivation in Level Up ____________________.


Ready to Rise?

Still have questions? Email me at: laura@laurawagner.com