Life Upgrades: 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now


Every few months, I look around at my life and notice all of the discoveries, practices and experiences I’ve adopted that make my life better. 

In 2020, most people I know are up for a few suggestions to uplift their lives, and I love to pay it forward and share what I know. So, check out my fab 5 (I included links) in this pretty PDF.

Those treasures are simple but significant ways I’ve given myself some peace and comfort this year, especially when some days (a lot of days) are anything but that. 

This entire week felt like the weight of the world got heavier — sometimes by the hour. My daughter Grace just left my office where, for an hour, we talked about what it’s like to live like this every day. How do we keep doing this?  How do you summon hope, resolve, energy and action each day? How do we contribute more to the work that needs to be done?

I wish I could tell you a list of definitive, untouchable answers to those questions, but they’d change every day anyway. 

Here’s what we did know for sure: 

When we are connected with others — when we are interacting, acting, sharing, celebrating, mourning, planning and — yes — laughing — that is when we feel the most hopeful and alive.

The best work I’ve done this year is creating spaces and community where others can feel that way, too. 

One of those is opening up tomorrow, September 28th. 

It’s all of those things Grace and I talked about, and you’re invited. And it’s free. 

Watch and find out more: 


Heavy heart. Hopeful Life: A way to come together. from Laura Wagner on Vimeo.

Here’s what else you need to know and how to join:

Living Your Best Life In Real Life
Free 5 Day Challenge

WHEN: Monday, September 28th – Friday, October 2nd

WHERE: Our “headquarters” will be in a our private Facebook group

HOW: Click HERE to register


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