Living Your Fitness Vision Workshop: What it is and what it isn’t.


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I’m spending tomorrow morning, Saturday, May 16th, guiding a group of individuals through the process creating their own vision of this for their lives. And by noon, they will go out into the world with actionable steps to put their vision into practice.

There’s still time to sign-up:

What it is…

  • I’ll be speaking with you and sharing my story as it relates to what I hope you can learn about yourself tomorrow.
  • It’s motivation and inspiration.
  • It’s asking yourself some important, reflective questions and putting pen to paper to see what your answers are.
  • It’s browsing through words and pictures to see what means something or connects with what you want for yourself and your life.
  • It’s cutting, pasting and curating a plan that is your own work of art for your health and well-being.
  • It’s taking time just for you. Making plans. It’s deciding versus sliding into what’s next.
  • It’s laughing and sharing stories.
  • It’s leaving with a plan and a commitment that’s just for you.

Grace and me

What it isn’t…

  • It’s not a fitness class — I’m not teaching you Zumba or doing any interval training with you that morning (grin). You’re more than welcome to come to any of my future classes as my guest for your first visit, however (bigger grin), if that’s of interest to you.
  • I won’t be discussing your chakras with you or asking you what your “inner child” needs to know about your journey — that’s the way some personal development folks roll, and that’s fine, but that’s not my style.
  • This isn’t about a diet, ideal way of eating or being “good” or “bad” with food. In fact, this is really the anti-diet. I’m not a dietitian or nutritionist; there are people who do that work and are very good at it. Here’s what: I’m tired of seeing women in food jail and continually struggling with “elimination” or “reduction” — no bread, no chocolate, doing a Slim Fast spree and being exhausted; deciding strict Paleo or a raw diet is the only way and being exhausted. Stop the madness. The best plan is the one you need to create for yourself and it may come from all different kinds of places and resources. I believe in what I call “the middle way” — a way where pleasure and nourishment intersect.
  • I’m not there to make you cry and proclaim your vulnerabilities to a room of people you don’t really know, BUT if something like that comes up for you, you will be heard and supported. I love my people. If you’re called to sign up for this, then you’re my people.
  • It’s not a push for you to lose weight or tear yourself down for who you are at this point in your life. The key to creating sustainable, contented good health for yourself? Cultivating positive regard for where you are right at this moment. We can’t loathe ourselves into the health or body we want and sustain that.
  • I love my club, Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center, where I teach and take classes at least five days a week. And while I’d love to see your face there in the future if you’re so moved, this workshop isn’t a push or a plug to strong-arm you into becoming a member. It’s just not the club’s style. It’s not my style. You are welcome and invited, by all means, but this isn’t like some kind of time-share seminar (this time grinning and laughing out loud : )

One more time:

Hope to see you there.

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