Laura Wagner

Where are you headed, beautiful? It really is possible.

I’ve spent almost a decade helping women move forward in their lives and make courageous choices to develop their physical and inner strength (and let go of time-robbing and self-esteem deflating diets), leave “job jail” careers that crush their spirits, enter (or exit) personal relationships in a way that’s true to their self-worth, and hundreds of other shape-shifting, loving and fierce life choices.

I invite you experience that for yourself by working with me one-on-one (I’m a licensed psychotherapist AND a life coach, which is a bonus for all of my clients), enrolling in one of my upcoming group coaching programs, or join me for the luxurious Lavish dining + coaching experience.

The work we’ll do is deep and requires consistency and commitment. It’s also a process that is fun and full of joy. You’re going to put some mental and physical muscle into it, for sure; and if you do, it can be a personal evolution that will change you in ways you didn’t even know you wanted.

Let’s get moving.

Laura Wagner