MOVE And The Beautiful Basics

For Derby week, it was all sassy dresses and glamorous fascinators, and this week…

I’m walking the streets with raccoon eyes from my mascara melting off of my face after a two hour (!) heated, power yoga class.

Yes, it was incredibly difficult.

Yes, I thought I was going to walk out of the room at least two times. Okay, three.

Yes, I looked around several times to figure out what I needed to be doing in that room during the flow.

Yes, I kept looking at the clock and thinking, “Only 46 minutes (53 minutes … 1 hour and 4 minutes) have passed!?

And yes, I am a better woman for myself  by making the time to do something I don’t practice regularly (I do yoga maybe a few times a year), and feeling proud and inspired.

It was a great sweat and clearing of my mind. I couldn’t think about anything else in there but the flow of the poses and cadence of the class.

This is why I love movement; it somehow removes us from the chatter of our minds and we really have to focus on the beautiful basics: breath, balance, being there.

That’s why I created my online group coaching program, MOVE And The Way Will Open that I tell you about in today’s newsletter-video.

It’s not just about incorporating my exercise into your life; it’s letting movement show you how empowered and strong you can be in other areas of your life as a result of connecting with your body.

Are you ready to move and be moved this summer and beyond?

Join me for my group coaching program, Move And The Way Will Open: Six Weeks to Move Your Body and Amplify Your Life.

MOVE begins on Monday, June 25th.

You’ll get six solid weeks of coaching tools delivered to you: written lessons, challenges, worksheets, journaling questions, videos — and so much more.

You’ll be in a private Facebook community with other members of the group so that you’ll thrive with the combination of my coaching and the connection with other like-minded women.

I’m going to teach you all I know about my passion for movement, how it can change your body, and most of all, how it can and will change your life.

We will talk about nutrition and nourishment.

It’s not just what I know professionally — it’s my way of life.

I limit the number of spots in this program so I can keep the group intimate and connected; I think that is necessary for the women I serve to get the results they deserve.

Do you want to find out more about MOVE and get a fun and free gift I’ve made for you?

It’s gonna make you dance : ) .  

Sign up here and I’ll send some good stuff your way.

If  you want to register for MOVE before I fill up the program and get a special offer, you can do that now.

The cost for the six week program is $299.  


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