Move And The Way Will Open

I am happy to be back stateside after an exhilarating two weeks of travel in Scotland and France.

My friend, Susan Hyatt, is a master life coach who hosts international retreats for women who want to spend a week experiencing adventure, self-inquiry, connection and just all-out fun. We spent a week in a castle in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Say hello to my little friend, this precious girl who sat proudly on my arm during a falconry lesson. So cool.

I have been an attendee of a few of these and it changes and adds to my life every single trip. In fact, I love this article about the benefits of travel. For me, I have found all of it to be true.

Susan hired me to come on this retreat to teach group fitness classes to the attendees. If you’ve just started following my work, then you may not know that in addition to being a life coach and a trained therapist, I am also an AFAA certified group fitness instructor.

I teach everything from high intensity interval training to Zumba to aqua classes, and I absolutely love it. I came into this facet of my career in my middle age, but I think it’s been a calling for much of my life.

In addition to coaching the women through daily physical movement, I also got to coach them one-on-one in sessions about their bodies, how they feel about them, and how they want to move them.

And we all learned that it wasn’t just about physical movement, but about how they want to move through their lives on every level.

Learn more about this in today’s video I’ve created for you. Please watch to the end so that you can learn about a new program I have just created that will begin on June 1st.

It’s called “Move And The Way For Open” — I can’t wait for you to know more about this. I think you’re going to love it.

I will open enrollment soon, so stay tuned on my newsletter, blog or Facebook or…

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One thought on “Move And The Way Will Open

  1. Missy England

    Laura, I’m interested in learning more but need to know about pricing… I am in a bit of a financial strain and money is a concern, so I may not be able to join, but will continue to follow from afar if not 😉

    Thanks for being an inspiration!!