The muscle behind miracles.


Last year, I stumbled upon this money manifestation book by Kathrin Zenkina on Amazon (and I am not compensated by her in any way regarding this book — she has no idea I even exist lol).

It wasn’t an urgent “I need this now!” purchase; I think I read a few reviews along with the excerpt to decide it was a process worth trying.

I like things simple and significant, and this book fit the bill.

Do the work for 21 days. Watch $1000 come into your life.

It might be cash. It might be goods and services. It might be an opportunity that would lead you right to that $1K or more.

I did the work in the middle of last summer, and $1K and a whole lot more came into my life.

It was like a miracle, but I wasn’t on the sidelines waiting for it.

I’d put some muscle into it.

I read the lessons.

I set the intentions.

I took the actions.

I had the doubts.

I let the doubts go.

I was dedicated.

I saw, made or found the money. It was amazing.

And then… 

And then, the fall season came.

And all I can tell you is that I went through one of the worst seasons of my entire adult life.

With everything that transpired, I really didn’t give a fuck about that book any more.

I spent hour after hour and day after day trying to right my situation and take care of my family.

“Manifesting” and “miracles” and surviving didn’t go together for me. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other for many months.

That’s what I still do every day, and in order to hit a healing stride, I’ve added certain practices into my daily life to help me be the woman I want to be and create the new era of my life in which I want to live.

One of those rituals has been working through the 21 day cycle of this book every single day this year. I just ended my third 21 day cycle and am going into my fourth as April draws near.

I’ve touted this book in my private Facebook community called Women On The MOVE and members have reported thousands of dollars in new revenue connected to their businesses, surprise salary increases, “found” money in accounts or dividends they didn’t know they had, and months of free services they were given — the list goes on.

I personally have brought thousands of dollars into my life this quarter in cash, goods and services or opportunities because (I believe) of my attention to and intention connected to this work.

Here’s a CRAZY fantastic miracle from last week:

My daughter got hit by an uninsured driver in the fall. She’s okay – but that day was the worst fear I’ve ever known in my life.

We’ve been chasing the guy who hit her for months and have had to send him a nastygram via our lawyer.

We finally put the car in the body shop to the tune of $2100 to fix the driver’s side door  —- it had to be done.

We have to put the cash out until he heeds the “pay up or we will put out a warrant for your arrest” letter (and then go small claims court if he doesn’t — I mean, ain’t life a bitch sometimes? … anyway, I digress).

The body shop called us mid-week to tell us they’d planned on replacing Grace’s car door with a black Altima door that they were going to paint, however…


They just happened to find a car door the color of her car (pearl white), and, if we were cool with it, they would use that and it would save us … wait for it … exactly ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.


That is a miracle for my little family. Huge.

AND I got a call from the modeling agency last week that I need to keep 4/9 – 4/12 on hold because they think they want me for a casino commercial I auditioned for that will film in Buffalo, NY.

If I’m hired, I’ll be filmed rolling dice (I’m serious).

Those types of modeling jobs are serious money for me when they come through.  I’ll keep you posted on that development.

My point in all of this is not just for you to get the book, read it and work through it (although I’ve offered you plenty of evidence that it can’t hurt.

My point is for you to look at where you need to put some muscle and intention into your life.

That is where the everyday miracles happen. That’s how you lift yourself out of desperation and start to stack up bricks of hope.

Believe me, I know. And I didn’t want to know — but a series of strange and unfortunate events educated me.

Don’t slide in life.

Decide on your desired outcomes.

Envision them.

Write about them.

Speak their name(s).

Take action (put the car in the shop, have the lawyer send the letter, know you’ve done what you could and release it).

I am all about movement in my work.

Move your feet. Find your power. Feel alive. Thrive.

Move your hands. Write your story. Live your script. Improvise. Thrive.

When you pray, move your hands and your feet.

Bad things can happen.

AND good things can happen, too, IF you quit wishing and start steering your ship in a new direction with your thoughts and actions — and you DON’T GIVE UP.

I don’t really need to say anything more about the devastation of the past six months of my life, except that I am one big hearted, badass woman who is making her way through everything like a phoenix.

I don’t always have unwavering confidence, but you’d better believe I have courage.

I surprise myself over and over again.

I fall down, but I REFUSE to give up.

This work for me hasn’t been cushy-woo-woo life coach bullshit.

This has helped me build a new era of my life.

Read the books.

Write the words.

Pray the prayers.

Get the help or accountability you need (Hullo?! get a coach or therapist – I have one and she’s a miracle in my life. I am one and I am a miracle in other people’s lives).

Show up.

Be afraid.

Be willing to be surprised.

Do the work.

And stick with me; we’re all about miracles around here.

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