It’s never too late…

Women Wine and Vision collage

I hosted the Women, Wine & Vision workshop for almost 30 fabulous ladies on Saturday night. It was a privilege for me to walk with these women through the process of envisioning what’s next in their lives. A diverse group, they came from near and far — different ages, single, partnered, parenting, or expecting-to-parent in the months to come : ).

Women who were engineers, social workers, students, health professionals, consultants, stylists, dancers, office professionals; those in between careers and some unsure of what’s next. And with all of that, there was still a sense of like-mindedness in the room — I heard that word more than once that evening.

There is a beautiful vulnerability in showing up on a cold winter night to design and give voice to your dreams among a group of women, most of whom you’ve just met an hour or so before. There’s a brave vulnerability in showing up for yourself because you believe it’s not too late for you to dream, define, make plans for and create what you want in life.

As you begin the third week of this new year, consider that it’s never too late — whether it’s January 13th or September 27th . It’s never too late to:

  • say yes
  • say no
  • begin where you are
  • ask
  • make new rules
  • abandon the old ones
  • look forward
  • make room
  • create a change of plans
  • throw out the plans
  • leave
  • arrive
  • open a new door
  • find your mojo
  • connect or reconnect
  • forgive yourself
  • …or someone else
  • try again
  • rethink it
  • consider your options
  • embrace your body
  • …and embrace it some more
  • simplify
  • let it go
  • take a leap of faith
  • find your sense of style
  • make life easier
  • slow down
  • play
  • explore
  • give yourself permission
  • get inspired
  • inspire yourself
  • make friends
  • raise the bar
  • live out loud


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2 thoughts on “It’s never too late…

  1. Thanks again for a great evening! So glad that we could come 🙂 I’m framing my vision board and putting it up on the wall 😉

    1. Janelle – send me a photo when you do — I’d love to see it!