Not business as usual.

Welcome back, or if you’re new here, welcome!

I’ve stepped away from my usual content and services for the past few weeks.


There was never any consideration there would be “business as usual” since George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25th.

The uprising and unrest his murder ignited was the reckoning with police brutality and violence against Black people in America.

Even more, it was facing the scars and open wounds of over 400 years of systemic racism and the dehumanization of Black lives.


Black lives matter.


I haven’t been explicit or unequivocal about that belief — that fact — with my words and actions.

That has to change.

I have work to do.

Listening. Learning more. Doing more. Doing better. Being accountable.

Allyship isn’t a checklist of donations to make, documentaries to watch or books to read. It’s a process and a practice.

Being anti-racist is using my voice: my written and spoken words, my platforms, my dollars and my actions.

As business coach Rachel Rodgers says in this video, it’s going to be uncomfortable and inconvenient.

If it’s not, I’m not doing enough.

My work in mental health and personal development is helping women make choices and changes to live well, mind and body.

To know contentment and joy.

To build strength and resilience.

I believe that “living your best life” goes beyond “I” and “me.”

It’s about doing something outside of your own interests and beyond the four walls of your home.

More than writing a check. More than thoughts and prayers.

As a coach and therapist, I will do more and do better with my work.

I made this pledge to build a equitable and anti-racist business, and will hold myself accountable to that.

If my work can help one woman heal and change her life, that is what will heal and change the world.

It’s one thing to say it.

It becomes the truth when you live it.




Click HERE for a list of varied resources that I hope contribute to all of us listening, learning more, doing more and doing better.

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