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** The above image is from Pinterest. Although I love sparkling water, it is not an attempt from me to promote La Croix lol 🙂 .

Welcome to summer, everyone!

Last week, I sent my children off to school for the last time this 2017-2018 year! I now have a high school senior and a fourth grader.

It feels so good to move into the summer season; we had a good year, but it wasn’t without its really tough days. We made it and I am so proud of my kids.

I’m plotting out my “summer structure” and that is challenging at my house because my husband and I both have careers that have some regular hours and a LOT of hours that we don’t know when we’re going to work.

He’s a funeral director, so we REALLY don’t know what he’s going to be doing a lot of times — you cannot predict death 😉 .

For now, I’ve got some spots for a few new clients until my practice is full, but I can’t quite predict that, either.

My daughter is 17 and going to be working as a lifeguard, and my little guy is 10 and still needs supervision when we’re gone. We are piecing it together.

Today, I’m offering you a creation of mine called “I Came To Play” about … just that … ways to invite more play into your life, even while you’ve got structure or, like me, are trying to figure out your structure for the next few months.

I’m pretty good at playing, but lately, I’ve gotten a little stuck in always doing something that MUST contribute to the growth of my work or the organization of my house, etc. That’s good, but it weighs me down sometimes, too.

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s that the more fun and play I have in my life, the more I learn and earn. And it doesn’t have to be about all that — it can be playing just for the sake of playing. Our minds and bodies need this.

So how do grown women play – lol? I have a few ideas that you can look at in that document. I have a few others I’m adding to the mix this summer, too.

One of the things I will do this summer that I did maybe ONCE last summer, is visit our neighborhood pool, Lakeside Swim Club.

I mean, look at the gorgeousness of this place.

It’s an old rock quarry that is now an aquatic oasis in the middle of an urban neighborhood. It’s stunning.

We pay a membership fee each year and I was working so much and gone so much last summer that I didn’t go except maybe once. I almost put my membership on hold this summer — until I decided that I wasn’t going to let go of something that beautiful.

So, one of my forms of play will be heading to the pool much more — at least once a week, whenever possible. I’ll do things like read a book, watch people — uh, get in the water 🙂.

It’s simple, yet so significant when it comes to contentment and appreciation for life.

How will you PLAY this summer?

Choose your day to say “out of the office.”

Welcome to summer. Go play.

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