Power Moves: Before and After

Hello, good people —

I love when I write a post welcoming the first week of fall (which I did last week) … and it’s 92 degrees every single day in Louisville … lol.

It’s going to change to cooler temps by the end of the week, and just in time for October.

Transforming spaces

Speaking of changes, I recently shared that in addition to working with my clients in phone sessions and in my online groups and programs, I am also seeing — face-to-face — clients in my newly opened office in Louisville.

Everyone loves a good before-and-after photo, and I have a couple of collages that show you the before-and-after of my office space.

When I first saw my office, I decided it was the “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” office. It was bare (and poorly lit — lol), but it was still a star, and I could give it some love to help it becoming shiny and more welcoming.

Here’s what I had to work with:

And here’s how it all turned out:

I did alright, huh?

Lighting is everything : ) . I have to give big thanks to my loving husband, Bobby, who has a good eye for how to place framed pieces on a wall and is handy with a hammer.

After we were done, he insisted I take some therapist-y / coach-y photos at my desk and in my chair, so there’s that : ) .

I like to look at that office transformation as a metaphor for how I help people change or improve their lives.

Maybe life is like those “before” photos:  functional … comfortable, even … but you know you need to make a change, and have a quiet longing for something different.

Maybe your life has some harsh lighting : ) and things need some softening and more beauty. A different perspective. Some new goals and actions.

I like to look at those “after” photos and think of the work I’ve been honored to do with my clients for all of these years. I feel like it shows that change can be made by doing some simple and significant things that yield remarkable results.

I didn’t gut that office and throw everything out.

I did a little bit of this. And a little bit of that.

I removed some things, and added or repurposed others; and the contrast is so welcoming and refreshing.

That’s what I help people do.

Best career ever.

Whether you’re far away or a few miles down the road from me, let’s work together. I’d love to “see” you by phone or Skype or in the-little-office-that-could. I have the privilege of helping people no matter where they live.

Email me at laura@laura-wagner.com to find out more or visit this page: www.laura-wagner.com/one-on-one. You can also check me out here (so many ways to find one person, right?!!), too.

Style MOVES is coming …

A few weeks ago, I did a series of five home videos called MOVING Into Your Lavish Sense of Style. If you missed it, check out any of the replays here:

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5

I wanted to show you that your sense of style is a facet of your life that can contribute to your personal growth; it’s not just about what’s in your closet. Style can help you develop your sense of confidence, creativity and possibility.

You sent me a lot of emails and messages tell me how much you enjoyed that and wanted more on the style front, so I’ve created something to honor your request.

Style MOVES will be a mini e-course I’ll be releasing soon (and offering at a very stylish, economical price point) that expands on the things I talked about in the videos.

It’s a deeper dive into the inner workings of knowing who you are and letting what’s inside of you show up on the outside. That can be about the clothes you wear, your body awareness and even your physical environment.

It all matters.

And for as much as I love beautiful things and seeing awe-inspiring places, I really have to watch where my money goes and take care of my home and the young lives I’m responsible for raising and educating — even more so with one child going to college in two years.

I’ve scaled back quite a bit on what’s coming out of my wallet, but that has actually inspired me to be more creative and thoughtful.

I’ve created Style MOVES for you to see exactly where you are, notice what already surrounds you and take steps to re-envision or repurpose it. Case in point: the new office space I shared with you in the photos above.

Style MOVES will include weekly lessons, worksheets and videos for you to study at home and work through at your own pace.

Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing registration information soon.

I recognize what a privilege it is to do the kind of work I do in my career; people trust me and share the deepest parts of themselves so that I can help them change their lives in some way.

If not for the education I have received over the years, I wouldn’t be able to do all of the things I do to carry out my mission. I actually began my career as a high school English teacher over 20 years ago, and I’m still a teacher in lots of ways.

I’ve gone to lots of schools of higher education and have had lots of training, but the educational institution that is closest to my heart is my high school alma mater (class of 1989), Presentation Academy.

“Pres” is an all-girl, Catholic high school in downtown Louisville with a mission of teaching young women to recognize and develop their unique gifts and make an impact with their lives on a global scale.

I feel like Pres raised me just as much as my parents did — they helped me form my social conscience and realize how one life could make a big difference in the world.

I love and believe in the school so much, I entrusted them with my greatest gift — my daughter, Grace (class of 2019).

Each year, Pres has an annual event honoring women leaders in the city of Louisville. I’ve been involved with it for over 20 years, and proudly so.

The Presentation Academy Tower Awards will take place in Louisville on October 5th and I donated my services to be offered as one of their silent auction items.

You could experience the win-win of contributing to the legacy of women’s education and getting a coaching package with me (and a spa treatment, too) by bidding on this in the school’s Tower Treasure page.

There’s a lot of other great stuff there, too, so check it out.

Be Golden, October 5 – 7 ~ Movers and Shakers

I have the honor and privilege to present at the Be Golden conference in that takes place in Bloomington, Indiana October 5 – 7.

And you should see the lineup of the other workshop presenters … holy tacos: http://begoldenstaygolden.com/workshop-leaders/

And the keynotes are Susan Hyatt, Awesomely Luvvie and Elliott Sanders — that’s a crew I’m proud to run with.

I’ve been asked to step up and get the weekend started with the MOVERS AND SHAKERS workshop.

This means I get to teach people how their relationship with movement will revolutionize their lives AND I get to lead them to actually, physically move … maybe shake their asses a little bit … maybe some power moves to show them the strength they have.

Maybe all of the above.

There’s still time for you to sign up and join this experience; again, look at the schedule — it is over-the-top fantastic. I’d love to see you and introduce you to some of my friends.

Sign up. Come be with us. Amplify your life.

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