Are you ready to move and be moved?

Registration for my program , Move And The Way Will Open: 21 Days to Move Your Body and Amplify Your Life,” is now OPEN to you.

I invite you to visit this page to learn all of the details about it and sign up to join me for this program that I’ve created with my heart and soul. We will begin on June 1st:

So, you’ve tried other things to get moving in your life, right? Whether that means moving your body or creating the motivation you crave to do something different with other areas of your life — maybe both?

  • And you got bored…felt overwhelmed…or maybe underwhelmed.
  • Maybe you started something like this and you drifted away.
  • Maybe you let the emails pile up; maybe you shoved them in a folder to read later, and you never did.
  • Maybe you were in an online group or private Facebook community and you tucked yourself into a virtual corner and watched the others interact.

You thought you got “behind” and then, what was the point anyway?

Let me tell you something: Don’t.

Don’t let it go this time. I’m all-in with you.

All I’m asking is that you commit to being all-in with you.

Around seven years ago, I decided to be all-in with myself in my friend Susan’s online coaching program (somewhat similar to this) called “Life Is Delicious.” Online lessons. Great coaching. A powerful community.

That program was the gateway for me becoming the woman I am today.

Maybe there are people who tell you that things like this don’t have the power to improve, amplify, or transform your life.

Maybe there’s a part of you that wants to be here in MOVE so much, yet there’s the background noise of “I don’t think this will work.”

There are people who don’t understand someone’s idea or path, so their reaction is to say, “that’ll never work” or “that’s only for the lucky ones.”

There are times when we ask more of ourselves than ever before, and we turn towards our well-worn tendencies to doubt and shrink away.

Guess what? I just described every great success story.

Including yours.

Get moving, beautiful.

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