Remember: You always have the power to create your life story.

Just in case you need it this week:

So, go ahead and save that in your phone. 

Even better? Write down your answers — seeing them amplifies the feelings you have when you think about them. 

I’ve got more than a meme coming your way this fall to upgrade your life and remember that you always have the power to create your life story. 

And live it. 

Yeah, this year, too —  2020. 

And that doesn’t have to be a sprint or a surge. Actually, it might be better if it’s not. 

I’m thinking: 

  • perseverance
  • energy that fuels endurance
  • patience (if you can be impatient about being more patient, I did that.)
  • fun and play (going beyond “let’s watch a movie”)
  • moving in order to find stillness

Whether you’re in a “just not myself” or surfing weird waves of despair (not depressed, but sort of …  also mad …  anxious … procrastinating and shit)  — you owe it to yourself to  read this article

My husband texted it to me a couple of weeks ago and came close to begging me to read it after I put it off for a few days.

When I got over my “I work in mental health; I probably know everything that’s in there …” stubbornness, I did read it and and it was like holding up a mirror. 

When you find a point of recognition in something that lifts you out of blaming and shaming yourself for what you do or don’t do each day, it’s a big exhale. 

You can also check out the September 2020 issue of Today’s Woman Magazine where I have a few things to say about growth and change:

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