February’s Seven Favorite Things


Most of the time, I come here to offer you a new perspective, encouragement or inspiration with my words.

It’s fun to change it up once a month and share some goods and services that I use in my day-to-day life in hopes that you’ll also love one (or more) of them.

Actually, in their own way, I think these things give me perspective, encouragement and inspiration for how I want to take care of myself and live my life.

Here are some of my tools for my beauty regimen, self-care and daily routines:

1 – Plated Meal Delivery Service: A year ago, I tried a couple of meal delivery services to supplement the meals my husband and I prepare for our family each week. I wasn’t crazy about either of them, so I opted out after a few weeks.

The main issue was that the meal kits we received were selected by the companies after I selected a few preferences online. I wanted to make more specific choices for the dinners versus hoping everyone would like it once we opened the box and made the meal.

Last month, I heard an ad for Plated and decided to take a look at their website to see if it there was more choice — and yay! — “yes” was the answer.

Each week (or two or three weeks in advance), I go to Plated’s website and choose the meal kits I want them to send our family for upcoming weeks. They have all sorts of portion options and you can order as few as two meals a week.

No exaggeration: I’ve loved every meal I’ve chosen and created with Plated. I’ve read some articles saying that meal delivery kits “trick” us into thinking we’re cooks, but that it really takes the creativity out of making a meal.

I don’t find that to be true for me; I’m learning all kinds of stuff about cutting, braising, blending and searing that I haven’t before.

I make changes or add flourishes when I feel like it’s merited; the kit just helps me along in that creative process by providing the amount of fresh oregano I need and that precisely measured tiny bottle of white wine for a sauce.

This has helped make “the dinner question” at my house a lot easier to deal with — it’s also been healthy and fun.

2 – It’s a 10 Leave-In Product: My hair is my platinum crown — truly. I get the roots lifted every eight weeks, and in between, I make sure I “feed” my hair with moisturizing products to balance out the process that happens at the salon. This is the best leave-in conditioning product I’ve found. I use it every single day after my shower; I let my hair dry to the point of where it’s damp before I blow dry it. Results: soft and downy platinum hair.

3 – Ogx Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Dry Oil Spray: I use this spray a couple of times a day to keep up that nourishment of my hair that I like so much. It also smells delicious, so that’s a bonus. I usually spray it on my dry hair before I leave the house to give my hair a little drink, shine, and scent.

4 – Playtex Sport Body Wipes: Oh, these have become so important in my life!

I work out five or six days a week for at least an hour and I work hard. I sweat hard. I smell bad — lol. It’s just regular old human body odor that comes from arduous activity, but I don’t like to have to “endure” myself after a class if I don’t have the time or place to shower or change into new clothes.

I go to a gym that has a bowl of individually wrapped scented body wipes that members can take and use after a class. I decided to take one on a day when I had a lot of errands to run before I went home. Having that “shower-in-a-packet” made all of the difference in my day — it feels good to smell good : ) .

I did a little research to see where I could find some to keep on-hand so I could have them at any time. I landed on these Playtex Sport Body Wipes because they smell clean (with just a hint of pretty) and they come in travel packs so I can keep one in my car, my gym bag, etc.

I still love a long, hot shower after I work so hard, but if I’ve got to take care of other business and want to freshen up, these fit the bill.

My 90 second makeup routine:

Most days, I hit the ground running taking kids to school, running errands, writing, coaching, working out, doing laundry — things that many of us do to keep our lives humming along. When you see those glamorous photos I post, I hope you know that those are the result of teamwork – lol:  my spirit, a great photographer and a talented hair & makeup artist.

In my daily family and work life, this is my quick go-to routine that I do in the car most days.

I start with a clean and moisturized face; and I already have the eyelash extensions, so the rest is easy:

5 –  NYX Dark Circle Concealer: This is really more of a corrector than a concealer; it has more of an orange base to it that corrects the dark circles under my eyes that I’ve had since I was a kid. If I’m dehydrated or tired, as well, this instantly brightens me up.

6 –  Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer: You know when you adapt a new behavior, and it’s so good and so effective that you wonder why you waited so long?

That’s me and my eyebrows. I’ve had them waxed and shaped for years, but until about three years ago, I never filled them in with brow pencil on the regular. I don’t know what prompted me to add that to my routine over time, but I’m one of those gals who feels a little extra take-on-the-world when I’ve got my brows on.

I started out with a light brown pencil, but as my hairstyle and color have gotten more dramatic, I’ve turned up the volume on my brows, too. I’ve landed with this great Anastasia brow defining wand in Granite. It’s not black, but a very dark gray. I don’t use a heavy hand; a little goes a long way. Tip: once you pencil in your brows, use the brush on the other end of the wand to comb the color through so it softens and evens it out across the brow.

With those two steps — and maybe a little lip gloss, if I’m up to it — I’m ready for anything. Simple and significant feels beautiful to me.

7 – Athleta High Rise Powerful Gleam Tight:  I spend a lot of time in clothes that will take me from my desk to the gym. That means I want functionality, but with flair. I have a stash of plain black capri leggings from Lululemon that I’ve worn for a couple of years, and at the end of last year, Athleta opened a store in Louisville.

I just bought these fantastic tights from there that have the mesh cutouts I love and satin-y moto panels of fabric.

I can wear a great tee shirt and jacket to run around town and switch to workout tank to kill it at the gym. I prefer the high rise waistband because I like the smooth silhouette and a little bit of compression.

People sometimes ask me if spending more money on brands like these really make a difference when it comes to clothes you’re going to sweat and smell in on a regular basis.

I’ve worn everything from the Target Champion brand of fitness gear to what I think of as luxury fitness brands like Carbon 38 and Alala; and for the kind of workout I give my workout clothes, I’ve found that the higher quality brands serve me better than the bargain priced stuff.

The quality of the fabric is better (color, pilling, the elasticity), as well as the “why does this still smell if I’ve washed it?” factor.

Invest in a couple of pieces to see what you think. When I’m looking into a new brand, I buy a sale item or two to test it out, and if I like it, my loyalty builds.

Cheers to the little things that make up a life. Feel free to share your finds in the comments.


Today is the last day to sign up for my six week, online group coaching program, Body of Work. Class begins Thursday, February 23rd at 7:30 p.m. EST and there’s a great group of women waiting to meet you.

This may be the last session of Body of Work until late in the year (and maybe even 2018), so if you’ve been thinking about it and waiting, this is a good time to get on board.

I’ve got new projects I’m working on, as well as a collaboration with my friend and colleague, Susan Hyatt, where we will be running our own life coach training program, Boss University, starting this spring.

As a result, Body of Work will change and grow, as well, and look different down the road.

No matter what, all that I do is grounded in coaching and creating communities for women to support my mission:

I am here on this earth to impart my spirit, wisdom and knowledge to make a powerful difference in women’s lives.

I want you to understand that your greatest creation — your greatest masterpiece — is the life you create with your mind and body.

I believe that when a woman realizes a deep love and reverence for her body and sculpts an empowered mindset, the result is nothing short of a personal revolution.

She not only comes alive and thrives in her body; she will evolve as a force of nature whose inspired action and energy will impact everyone she connects with in her life for the greater good.

Do you want those deeper connections in your life? With other people? With yourself?

I believe that the path to creating this is not contained to improving or transforming just one area of your life; I know from my personal and professional experience that true, sustainable changes happen in a person’s life when they look at the whole picture.

In Body of Work, that is why I’ve created lessons around mindset, relationships, body image, health and fitness, environment, personal style and how to stay in your growth once you implement these changes.

I am 45 years old and am happier, more creative, more fit and healthy, more adventurous, and more fearless than I’ve ever been at any other time in my life.

It just keeps getting better, and I am the creator of that.

What I live is what I teach in Body of Work, and I’d love for you to be a part of this community of extraordinarily thoughtful women and create what you want in your life — whether that has to do with your weight, your relationships, your career or all of the above and more.

I offer practical and powerful coaching, tools, and resources to help you get where you want to be, and you have the connection and support of up to 14 other women (I keep it small on purpose) while you’re in this process.

The next cycle of Body of Work begins on Thursday, February 23rd.

For the first time, the class will have an evening meeting time (7:30 p.m. EST) and we will see each other live via video conferencing on Zoom (and you’ll have a call-in number, too, if you’re not in front of your computer during class time).

All of the classes will be recorded for you to access any time you want.

These are just two of the exciting changes and additions I’ve made to the program this year. I never stop learning and I’m always weaving that knowledge into the classes I teach to my community.

Space is limited and this round is filling up, so reserve your spot by going to www.laura-wagner.com/bodyofworkcourse and making your deposit.

There are three levels of Body of Work that you can choose from; they are priced accordingly and payment plans are available (1 payment, 3 payments or 6 payments).

Want to talk with me about it before you sign up? Email me at laura@laura-wagner.com and we’ll set up a 15 minute call to chat and see if the program is a good fit for you.

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One thought on “February’s Seven Favorite Things

  1. Hi Laura!
    I loved this newsletter. I found so much good information about your makeup and what keeps YOU looking fabulous and sexy! I too have problems with dark circles and will definitely check out your recommendations. Keep up the good work and wishing you all the best!

    Much love,
    Susan Wagner