Sorry I haven’t texted you back…

Quote via an  Instagram post by @elainewelteroth


This was a post I saw last week highlighting World Mental Health Day on 10/10/20. 


It’s also a heavier version / example of some of my text replies (if I remember to reply ) for the past two months. 


It’s not like this all of the time, but it IS like this. 


I know I’m not alone; there are many of us out there editing the pain and vulnerability we are willing to share — and I’m already pretty open.


We don’t do this because we want to make others think we are someone we’re not. We’re just too damn beat up to get into all of those parts that are crossed out in that quote. 


I’m taking more than a few steps back from work this fall — at least in the online realm of my business. 


You won’t be hearing as much from me, and I may not be doing many — if any — programs for the remainder of 2020. 


I’m seeing 1:1 clients, but that’s about it, until I decide otherwise. 


I’m not sure where things are heading, and I may even shutter my business in the coming year. 


If I decide to keep it around, it will be different. 


What I know for sure is that my family really needs me now more than ever — and I am the family, too.  I need me. 


The other thing I’m lit up and passionate about is my work with the 2020 election: voter registration drives and serving as an election officer. I want to be in the streets and in those polling places as much as possible. 


Take care of yourself, and stick close to anything that remotely lights you up inside.  If you’re experiencing burnout, overload, depression or anxiety, there are ways to help yourself and find help. 

What’s happening in life right now may not feel like it’s going to lift anytime soon.


Like me, you may be able to make a very convincing argument for yourself that you will feel like shit for … forever. 


But we won’t. 


Check in with yourself. 


Check in with each other. 


The scroll is not the full story. 


Talk to people directly and listen to their stories. 


It’s important.




Having a part in the movement to get out the vote for the 2020 election is something I am passionate about during my fall 2020 pause. 


There’s still time for you to get involved and become a part of something powerful. Election officers (poll workers) are still needed for the November 3rd general election day.


I applied in the spring and will be working at a Jefferson County (Louisville) precinct on November 3rd from 4:45 a.m. – ???


Our polling places are usually staffed by retired citizens, but their age group is at greater risk when it comes to the coronavirus, so election officers are desperately needed. 


If you’re curious in the least, go to and find out more information about your state’s needs. 


Not interested in this level of commitment? Well, there’s one thing I know you can do:



I said what I said. 


Whether you’re grinning, laughing or you’re about to close this window, all I ask is that you remember to vote on 11/3/20.


What I’m loving right now…



I rarely listen to audiobooks, but when I heard an audio sample of Why Bother? by Jennifer Loudon,  I had to “read” the rest. 


If you’re asking yourself “Why bother?” about anything in life right now, I highly recommend this book. 


I listen to chapters as I walk in my neighborhood cemetery (it’s not weird to me — we’re funeral home owners anyway) for a ½ hour – 45 minutes every day, and feel like I really want to bother more than I want to burrow by the time I leave.



Click the pic below and find out more about what I do, passions, and projects:

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